Prepare to squeal in delight as the Transport Museum delivers an early Christmas present.

The closed down Aldwych tube station by The Strand is opening to the public again for a rare chance to go down and see this famous tube station.

The Transport Museum has secured the long weekends of Fri 25th; Sat 26th and Sun 27th November, and again on Fri 2nd; Sat 3rd and Sun 4th December to take tours deep underground and down to the old platforms.

Abandoned Platform

Last year’s open weekend for the Blitz anniversary was so popular that they sold out in two days, but this time there are 420 tickets available on each day – that’s a total of 2,520 tickets over the two weekends.

Cost per ticket is £20 (£15 for concessions) and the tour will last about 40 minutes. The price also includes a free one day pass to London Transport Museum (which is about 10 minute walk from Aldwych).

You can book tickets here.

I had a rather more private tour a few years ago – and my photos from that to whet your appetite are here.

As access is down the old spiral emergency stairs the tour is not suitable for anyone with a mobility problem. Nor are under 16s permitted.

Not sure how much will be shown as there are two platforms but the older one is not as “h&s compliant” for public access, but it is for most people the first chance to visit a famous closed tube station that has often been used for filming and still has adverts from the 1970s decorating the walls.

Old posters - 2

160 stairs connect the ticket hall level to the platform level – there is no step-free access. They say that it is advisable therefore that you should have a moderate to high level of fitness.

Toilets are available at ticket hall level – might be worth turning up with a full bladder – after all, how often can you get to use an Edwardian loo in a disused tube station?

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  1. diane williams

    I like the ‘Way Out’ sign just above the psychedelic Beatles at Mme T’s.

  2. ronnie

    Some days have only 2 tickets left already.!!!!!!!!!!

  3. quique

    the Aldwych is a funny tube station with a fascinating history. I’ve never been lucky enough to get to visit it, but while completing my degree at King’s I used to go target shooting in the range we’ve got just below the station…it’s been there since the 1800s

  4. Neil Paterson

    I booked my tickets for this and then noticed in the Terms and Conditions that no digital SLR cameras will be allowed into the station. Does anyone know the reason for this restriction or how strictly it is likely to be enforced?

  5. It’s very disappointing that you can’t take proper cameras in – no-one would believe I’d been there if I couldn’t show them the photos!

  6. Katy

    I’m annoyed at the restrictions on DSLR cameras too. I’m going to phone and ask for clarification on that. I mean, can we even take photographs at all?

  7. Neil Paterson

    I phoned the London Transport Museum to ask about the DSLR restriction and I was told that this was imposed by TfL, who operate the station, and they couldn’t explain why just DSLRs specifically were not allowed. My assumption from this that other cameras will be allowed.
    I have booked a ticket as I will be in London that day and I will have my DSLR with me anyway. If I am not allowed to use it then so be it.

  8. ronnie

    Last time the staff watched everyone like hawks.

  9. yvonne royal

    My partner would be very interested on doing a tour of the disused London undergrounds. Please advise any dates for future tours. Thanking you in advance and hope to hear from you soon

    • IanVisits

      If and when such dates are announced – they are always publicised on this blog.

  10. charlotte

    Hi we are currently doing an architectural project on disused underground spaces, is there anyway you know of that we can visit any disused stations this coming Monday – Wednesday? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • IanVisits

      Contact Transport for London.

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