The iconic BT Tower in the centre of London that has to be in the top-10 of any Londoner’s list of buildings they would most want to go inside will be open to the public this coming September for one weekend only.

Long term readers may have guessed that we are talking about the London Open House Weekend (now renamed Open City).

As the blurb from Open Cities says:

With unrivalled views across London this is a unique opportunity for members of the public to visit the famous revolving Floor 34, 158 metres above the capital. To find out how to apply for your place, you need to get the Open House Guide. With unrivalled views across London this is a unique opportunity for members of the public to visit the famous revolving Floor 34, 158 metres above the capital.

This is bound to be one of those venues that needs to be pre-booked via the Open Cities website – and if it is anything like chances to get to the top of The Gherkin (I’ve been in there), then the tickets will be snapped up in a few minutes.

To get a head-start though, you can prepare for the event by buying the annual guide – the funds from which go to support the event – from their website.

The guide will be posted out on 5th August – and the website goes live on the morning of the 9th August.

Incidentally, I would actually be much more interested in visiting the basement, where the unique foundation pyramid is apparently visible. But I’ll take the rotating restaurant floor as a very good alternative!

Update: The tickets will be allocated by “name out of the hat” draw and you will have to apply by email from the 16th August. The tower will be open on Sunday between 12-5:30 only.

Booking details here.

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  1. M@

    Another great tip-off, cheers.

    Incidentally, the Open House guide is usually available free of charge from most big libraries. Don’t think I’ve ever paid for one (although I probably should, given that the funds help support the event).

    • IanVisits

      I do tend to pay for this particular guide as it helps fund the event, and as I get a lot of pleasure from it, it seems only fair.

  2. Been there, done that! It’s great in high winds, you can really feel the sway!

  3. Tim

    Are there any pics of the foundation pyramid anywhere…? Sounds most intriguing.
    i’ve had a google but could only find umm… pyraminds!

    • IanVisits

      A TV show presenter once went down there – I forget who – and he only had a quick look. As an “anything undergound” geek, that was enough to peek my interest.

  4. I’m lucky enough to have been up the BT Tower (twice) and the Gherkin (once) – are some photos if you want to take a peek…

  5. I echo the “it’s free from libraries” tip, and it’s always nice to visit a library. (Perhaps this free-in-libraries may be a thing of the past now, tho…)

  6. Patrick

    That’s so frustrating – I’m overseas and will have no internet access on the 9th. Oh well.

  7. OMG OMG is right!!!!

  8. Louise

    WOO HOO!!

  9. Robert

    I am going up the BT Tower as one of the ballot winners for the Open House weekend today and I am so so so looking forward to the experience, I have done the 3 peaks of London, the London Eye, the Shard and the Mital “helper skelter at the Olympic park, but this is the one I have always wanted to do and I now am lucky enough to be doing it

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