I am a bit of a fan of the slightly rose-tinted memory of the so-called “golden age of transport”, and the posters that it inspired – although far too poor to be able to afford to collect them, alas.

Empress of BritainLike running my tounge over a sore tooth, I sometimes visit displays of posters from that era, such as the recent excellent collection that the Transport Museum had. Their display though was, understandably, focused on their own art work. What I particularly love though are the posters used to advertise the great sea liners of the inter-war period.

It always seems a bit odd that something so glamerous was advertised by such a humble media – but I have to remember that most liners made the bulk of their income transporting ordinary working class people to the USA to seek a new life. The glamorous life going on the decks was only a tiny side of their function.

Anyhow, in a couple of weeks, the Christie’s Auction House will be selling a large collection of vintage posters, and they have their wonderful public viewing days. Ostensibly for potential buyers to see the wares, they are open the general public as well – and make for an enjoyable, if wistful hour of so of viewing pleasure.

Their website also has images of the posters being sold – I tend to click on the “grid” icon to make viewing easier.

Which are your favourites?

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  1. petoskystone

    turnbridge wells (near the end of page 6)

  2. Definitely the Cie de Navigation Paquet (middle of the second line). The style is so evocative and the colours are beautiful. If only I had a grand to spare, and some wall space that was suitable…

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