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Previewing this year’s Whisky Show

London is replete with festivals of one sort of the other. For foodies and drinkies, we have the currently ongoing restaurant festival, there are more beer festivals than you can shake a stick at, and the occasional fine wine festival

Quatermass and the Pit and a Church

Despite saying the other day that I am clearing out my film collection as I just don’t watch them any more, I am still a bit of a fan of cult movies. Last year, I attended a fun film screening

Talisker Tasting and an early Burns Night

Last night, a small coterie of bloggers were invited to a London bar for an early informal Burns Night style event – organised by a PR agency for the Talisker Whisky brand. London bloggers were invited along thanks to the

Werewolves and whisky

A functioning church might not seem like the most obvious place to watch a horror movie about werewolves, and certainly not to drink alcohol in the pews, but that is the concept behind a series of cult film nights that