Steam Train - Latest news and reviews

Support a new steam railway for South-East London

A new narrow gauge steam railway is being built in South-East London to bring visitors on a scenic trip to the Victorian pumping station at Crossness.

The steam train – a magical mechanical marvel

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the last mainline passenger steam train on Britain's railways, yet, 50 years on, it's really quite easy to find a steam train on Britain's mainline railways.

Map of London’s miniature steam train rides

We all love a steam train, and while the big beasts make occasional weekend trips though the city, there are a surprisingly large number of miniature steam trains chugging around parts of the city as well.

London steam railway set for major extension

A steam railway in South-West London has been given permission for a major extension of the railway line.

Take a trip on the Flying Scotsman in 2018

The recently restored Flying Scotsman will be once again running tours around the UK this summer, giving people a chance to be on the world famous train.

Miniature steam trains for Epping

The Epping Ongar Railway, a heritage line with lots of big steam trains has gained a smaller counterpart - a fully working miniature steam railway.

Look out for steam trains on King’s Cross passenger concourse

Steam trains are usually found on the rail tracks, but for one week, two locomotives will be sitting in the middle of the passenger concourse at King's Cross.

At £44,995 per person, is this Britain’s most expensive train trip?

What could well be the UK's most expensive train trip has been announced, at a mere £44,995 per person -- but that does get you 10 days of luxury in a steam train.

See a steam train on the London Overground on Saturday

An early Christmas treat, as a steam train will be chugging along the London Overground on the morning of Saturday (2nd Dec).

Of College Chapels and Steam Trains

Deep within the heart of King's College on the Strand can be found a most marvelous chapel and a dinky steam train.