Although occasional steam trains leave Waterloo, there hasn’t been a regular service for over 50 years, until now.

This summer, there will be a steam train service running regularly from Waterloo to Windsor. Tapping into the tourist market for people wanting to visit Windsor Castle and Eton, but also want to travel in style.

The steam trains will leave Waterloo three times a day (8am, 11am & 2pm) every Tuesday between June and September. Note that for these trips, the costs are one way – Waterloo to Windsor only. You return by the conventional service.

  • Standard Class – £35 Adult, £20 Child, £99 Family
  • First Class – £55 Adult, £35 Child, £149 Family
  • Pullman Class – Adult £85, Child £65

They also arrive at Windsor and Eton Riverside station, which although it’s larger, is also the quieter of the town’s two stations, and frankly, it’s rather nicer for a steam service as well.

For more details, and to book tickets – go here.

There is also an evening regular service, also on Tuesdays, departing Waterloo at 6pm.

This is a looping trip, which is similar to the normal heritage trains that ply the trade, offering essentially a travelling restaurant pulled by steam.

These loop around London, via Staines, Woking, Dorking and Croydon.

  • Standard Class – £49
  • Premier Class – £99
  • Pullman Class – £129

For more details, and to book tickets – go here.


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  1. Melody Simms says:

    Brilliant, about time we have something different.
    How lovely to travel on a steam train, the comfort and style. I look forward to using this service.
    Just wish you could get a return though. Please think about this option.

  2. Peter moggridge says:


  3. Oliver Gill says:

    Nice & Pricey more likey

  4. Jonathan Lilley says:

    From a railway capacity PoV it makes sense of course to run this service Waterloo-Riverside, but, they should encourage the punters to return via Paddington for the sake of the view of the castle from the train when going that way!

  5. Steve Bater says:

    What a ridiculous price and only one way as well. This has got to be rip off of the year so far. Do they expect a full train? It only takes about 50 minutes on the normal train. How do they plan to serve meals on such a short journey? £55 for first class. This is unbelievable.

  6. Harry says:

    It seems odd that all of those “one way” fares are for a journey in the same direction. That must presumably mean the train returns empty to pick up the next set of passengers. So even if they charged 25% extra for the option of a return journey, they would surely make extra profit for no extra cost?

  7. Greg Norden says:

    The train goes via Staines, Dorking, Croydon etc, so its a lot longer journey than what some of the readers have thought!

  8. Kenneth Bennett says:

    Same old same greedy idiots who can only sea pound notes in their eyes ,why not keep their prices reasonable and give ordinary family’s a chance lots of little the American way .Done Pickering to Whitby on the north Yorkshire Moors railway last year return for less than they are asking mile for mile and the scenery was something to be hold .

  9. Clive Penfold says:

    Contrary to a couple of comments, I think the price is quite reasonable. Operating and maintaining a steam locomotive is extremely expensive not to mention running it on a main line. I’m sure that it will be extremely popular.

  10. JP says:

    You gotta larf or else you’d cry, eh?Thank goodness for the variety of life which here has produced a mix of joy, suggestions to add to the experience, answers to queries and as a balance to the ‘gruntled’, the splenetic venting of the disgruntled from the terse to the turbulent.
    Vive la difference!

  11. Paul Bennett says:

    So how does the loco get back to Waterloo?

  12. Round Robin says:

    As is so often the case, if you actually read the blurb you will see that the restaurant train is the 6pm departure on the round London loop which has nothing to do with the one-way Windsor services which depart at 8am, 11am and 2pm. Nothing has been said about catering on those trains, which are essentially just a novel way for tourists to get to Windsor.
    As there are no turning or convenient run round facilities at Windsor & Eton Riverside, my assumption is that the entire train including steam loco will be pulled backwards to Waterloo by either an electric or diesel loco which will be permanently attached at the rear of the train, which is fairly standard practice when heritage trains take to the main line.

    • ianvisits says:

      I did read the blurb, and what you say is the same as what I said in the article. I clearly differentiate between the Windsor service and the evening loop service.

  13. Round Robin says:

    I wasn’t referring to you, but to some of the comments which clearly showed a lack of understanding. Obviously you understand it if you wrote it.

  14. Round Robin says:

    Having looked into the Windsor departures in more detail, it seems that a sort of brunch service will be offered plus snacks etc. if wanted. Obviously the service will have to be fairly quick but light food will be available.

  15. Rich says:

    I heard that someone claimed the Class 455’s were older than any other train in London, so … 🙂 .

    Be nice trip for tourists, maybe they could do some to Hampton Court during the flower show?

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