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Tickets Alert: City of London Police open day

It’s a middle-of-the-week event, but there’s a chance to visit the headquarters of the City of London police next month.

Exhibition shows off the history of the Thames River Police

There’s a new exhibition that seeks to show off the shared heritage between London’s river police as the development of policing in the West Indies.

London gets a new museum – of police history

A new museum has opened in the City of London that tells the long often curious history of their own private police force.

Operator – connect me to Whitehall 1212. Urgent!

One of the most famous things to say down the phone was to ask for Whitehall 1212 — that being the official phone number for the police at Scotland Yard. But did you know that the phone number still works?

Emergency services to simulate a terrorist attack on the tube network

Whenever the debate about why various disused tube stations — specifically Aldwych — can’t be opened to the public more often, it is usually pointed out that the best of them — specifically Aldwych — are still in use for

Today is the 200th anniversary of the Ratcliffe Highway murders

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the first of what was later to become known as the Ratcliff Highway murders – a still unsolved series of murders that caught the public imagination at the time. Murders were frankly, not that

The Met Police improve their website

A few months ago, London’s Met police upgraded their website, and from my perspective, broke it spectacularly. I fired off a woeful email to them and got a “yeah, ok” reply, but one that did suggest they would be making

Sinister black speedboat action

I often see the police boat going past the flat – occasionally at full speed with lights flashing – but also sometimes I also see a couple of sinister black inflatable boats racing up and down the river. This morning,

The Met Police “Heritage Centre”

A few weeks ago, I had an email from the Met Police’s mailing list letting me know they had opened up a new heritage centre, which sounded quite interesting. Alas, only open Mon-Fri, and closing at 4pm meant it has

Met Police Issue Advice to Amateur Photographers

There is an ongoing and sometimes very contentious debate about the rights of people to take photos in public spaces and the attitude of the police and security officers when they see a camera pointing at something interesting. There have

New Anti-Terror Adverts

The Orwellian posters, adverts and their ilk that are going up to warn us to snoop on our neighbours report legitimately suspicious behaviour, such as not recycling the glass bottles have invevitably lead to a website to make you your

London’s Met Police running adverts on Google

It seems that the Metropolitan Police has turned to Google to place adverts on the internet calling for people to report suspected Right Wing Extremists – and the advert is directing people to the Met Police’s anti-terrorism web pages. For