Greenwich - Latest news, articles and photos

Greenwich - Latest news, articles and photos

Of a Wood, a Castle and a Common

No long rambling thoughts, just a long ramble through South London to stop me sitting at the computer and doing the work I should be doing. Herewith – some photos: Greenwich foot tunnel – photos of which are officially not

Photography Banned in Greenwich Foot Tunnel

This is probably more the remit of The Greenwich Phantom, but as part of the Greenwich foot tunnel lies on MY side of the river, and this concerns a particular bugbear of mine, I shall talk about it. The tunnel,

On board HMS Illustrious: Part 2

The second report on my tour of HMS Illustrious, this time with more words and fewer pictures. I was joined by four other fellow London Bloggers, and after meeting up and trying to watch the helicopter demonstration that was happening

On board HMS Illustrious: Part 1

Thanks to an awesome invitation from the Royal Navy, I had the pleasure of of an hour on board HMS Illustrious this afternoon. I’ll do a proper write-up tomorrow as I am quite tired this evening – but if you

Helicopter flypast over London

Wandered down towards Greenwich at lunchtime to watch the flyover of 20 helicopters over HMS Illustrious as part of the week’s celebrations. I actually stayed on the north side by Island Gardens as I hoped to get shots of helicopters

Fireworks over HMS Illustrious tonight

After seeing photos of HMS Illustrious at Greenwich once before with fireworks, on a whim I just checked the PLA website, and they have a navigation warning that advises that there will be fireworks tonight (Thur 7th May). The barge

HMS Illustrious to visit London

A few months ago it was announced to those who track such things, that the aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious would be spending a week in London in May as part of the 100th anniversary of the Navy’s air division. They

Easter Chair Heaving at Greenwich

An old leather chair, Morris Men and Easter eggs – that is what I saw this afternoon as the Blackheath Morris Men continued their 20-year long tradition of Easter Chair Heaving. It is thought to be an old tradition which

River fortifications in Elizabeathan times

A few months ago, when collecting leaflets in the (now closed) tourist board centre in Greenwich, I purchased a book of Docklands history, published by The Island History Trust – mainly as it had two maps which really caught my

The woman who could sell Time

In the early part of the 20th century, domestic clocks were still not hugely reliable and regular resetting was generally needed. People who owned a telegraph line or one of the modern radio could listen for the time pips, but

Le Morte d’Flying Duck

I tend to visit Greenwich a couple of Sundays per month to get lunch and wander around the markets – and also to visit the awesome Flying Duck shop. It specialises in selling memorabilia from the 1970’s – along with

Greenwich goes Advent Crazy

Various shops, offices etc in Greenwich town center are to become a “living Advent calendar” this December. Each day, from the 1st Dec., a new display will be unveiled to the public until all 24 “windows” have been unveiled –