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See the oldest portrait in the British Museum

At around 9,500 years old, a plaster covered human skull is the oldest portrait in the British Museum, and it's currently on display.

Damnation and Desecration in Imperial Rome

Modern collectors may prize perfect specimens of Roman coins, but ancient Roman rulers were keener on defacing them.

Southeastern Asia Puppets Shown off in the British Museum

A new display has opened in the British Museum, of puppets from Southeast Asia - and its probably the first time many of the objects have gone on public display.

British Museum’s Buried Treasure goes on display

A small side room in the British Museum is currently hosting a rare collection of buried treasure -- a display of buried hoards.

The longest surviving Vrindavani Vastra goes on display

A vast 17th century cloth from India has gone on display in the British Museum, filling an entire wall of the gallery.

A feast of gold at the British Museum

In 1898, one of Britain's richest men died, and part of his legacy, a vast confection of antiquities was donated to the British Museum, which has now put them on display in a dedicated space.

Crocodile God revealed at the British Museum

In ancient temples did crocodiles dwell, worshiped and admired, until mighty Egypt fell.

Japanese Manga at the British Museum

A small display of the work by three of Japan's leading contemporary manga artists is currently running at the British Museum.

200 year old satires about Napoleon Bonaparte on display

If you think modern political satires are cruel at times, take a journey back 200 years for the crass display of bodily functions as satire was not just normal, but applauded when applied to the enemy.

See the Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies

A document that is so rare and fragile that it can only be seen for a few weeks each year has gone on display in the British Museum.

Emperor Maximilian’s triumphal arch at the British Museum

A massive triumphal arch is on display in the British Museum at the moment, but unlike the grand stone arches dotted around Imperial cities, this one is made of paper.

Witches at the British Museum

As we approach Halloween, the British Museum has put on an exhibition of witches and wicked bodies as shown throughout history.

Museum Meals – The British Museum

Popping into the British Museum to have a look at a new exhibition and feeling peckish, I considered which of two options could be tried out. The main restaurant, or the canteen style offerings that fill the back end of the Great Court.

Seagulls on the roof of the British Museum

A bizarre sight at the weekend as a load of seagulls seem to have taken a liking to the front part of the British Museum's glass roof.

A new gallery opens at the British Museum

The British Museum has been refurbishing one of its galleries, and it has just opened to the public. Away with the tired old carpets and the gloomy oppressive cabinets cluttered up with as much as possible.

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