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Find Mendelssohn’s tree stump in the Barbican

In the Barbican is a most curious relic, a stump of a tree which is it claimed, may have regularly shaded the composer Felix Mendelssohn during his frequent visits to where the tree stood.

Was the Northern line nearly named after Tutankhamun?

There is a story that crops up ever so often that during the Tutankhamun mania of the mid-1920s, the Northern line was nearly named the Tootancamden line.

Bromley Hall – the oldest brick building in London

It looks like a fairly ordinary moderately old building next to a dirty noisy main road - but this old building is older than you could ever imagine. It's actually thought to be the oldest brick built building in London - and over 500 years old.

Find the Blackwall tunnel plaque

If you were so minded to pass by and peer over the edge, you might notice that there's an old plaque on the wall in the modern approach roads to the Blackwall Tunnel.

See the astonishing gothic interior of David Parr house

An otherwise ordinary Victorian terrace house conceals within a Cathedral of decoration.

Anniversary of Elizabeth I’s famous speech at Tilbury Fort

Today marks the anniversary of a certain Queen giving a rather famous speech to her troops in Tilbury. But why Tilbury?

See vintage films about the River Thames from the BFI archive

A collection of old films about the River Thames has been released from the BFI National Archive showing the Thames at trade, at war and at peace.

Restoration of the Aldgate water pump

A notorious water pump at Aldgate was once praised for its clean clear water yet killed hundreds of Londoners - is currently being restored.

Rare inscribed Roman stylus found in London goes on display

Found under the streets of London, a unique Roman stylus, with the most elaborate and expressive inscription of its kind has gone on display.

Walter Gilbert’s ornate mahogany doors at 32 Cornhill

There is a wooden door near Bank tube station that's worth paying a visit to at weekends, for only then can it be truly admired.

Sir John Soane’s Museum going tickets only from August

It's a compliment of sorts when your museum is so popular that it has to stop allowing people to just turn up and visit.

Visit Europe’s oldest continually used Synagogue

Behind a modern building in the City of London can be found from the outside a rather ordinary building, and yet inside is a heritage that goes back centuries.

The three smallest monuments in St Paul’s Cathedral

A Cathedral packed with monuments, here are the three smallest - military brasses, Solomons temple... and a piece of King Herod's 2nd Jerusalem Temple, maybe.

The car repair shop with horses heads

A street in Bermondsey has a car repair shop with a relic of times when horsepower was measured in low digits - two horses heads on the frontage.

The year St Paul’s Cathedral nearly lost its dome

It's Christmas Eve 1924 and while people are preparing for the festivities, the City of London is busy preparing an urgent notice - they plan to close St Paul's Cathedral.