This coming Thursday evening (3rd Oct) will be a chance to see an experimental boat passing under Tower Bridge.

The Energy Observer is on a 6- year world tour that aims at conducting experiments on new ways to decarbonise ship propulsion, more specifically by using hydrogen.

The Energy Observer was nominated French ambassador of the Sustainable Development Goals and has the support of the President Emmanuel Macron.

The Catamaran is the first vessel around the world to produce hydrogen directly onboard, through seawater electrolysis. The boat also relies on three other renewable energy sources – the sun, the wind and hydropower – and on two types of energy storage – li-ion batteries and hydrogen.

(c) Energy Observer

The boat is due to pass through Tower Bridge at 6pm on Thursday 3rd October, spending the night in the Pool of London, and leave the following morning at 6:30am.

The boat will be in the London area though until 13th October, locations to be confirmed.

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  1. Alastair McKenzie says:

    So, were you there at the press conference on Friday?

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