A second entrance for Hackney Central station to deal with overcrowding is being explored as part of a joint project between the council and Transport for London.

The station’s current entrance is down either an alley or around the back of a car park, and then up a narrow ramp to the ticket office, which is unsurprisingly, not fit for the increasing use the station sees.

By coincidence, the council owns a plot of land on the south side of the railway, which used to be occupied by a car sales site, but is now vacant, and the council suggests would make for a good second entrance to the station.

In fact, it could even make for a good replacement main entrance as the site is more accessible than the current entrance.

Hackney council and TfL have agreed in principle to contribute to the scheme and work together with Network Rail on the project. Initial feasibility work has started and ground investigations are expected to begin in October. Depending on feasibility work and funding arrangements, the construction of the second entrance may start next year.

Doubtless, the new entrance will be funded by the usual oversite development, but it is on the end of a row of residential houses, so a block of flats would not be overly out of place here.


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  1. Paul says:

    This is a pleasing development.
    I always think it’s a shame that these embankment station sites can’t be given a subway/arcade/ticket office under the tracks as it always seems incongruous to have to climb to the level of the station only to climb further to get over to the other side. Makes step free access easier too.
    Cramped leaky smelly subways are nasty, but the large ones you get in European stations lined with retail and facilities work well, and save a lot of space.

    • Ian Brown says:

      Always wanted to open a second entrance at Hackney Central and couldn’t think how to do it. Really pleased to read about this initiative.

  2. Martyn says:

    Can’t help thinking a station in the new Tesco development is far more sensible. Much more space for a decent sized station and more central to the planned shopping district and many more homes. Graham Road pavements are not massively wide and already congested near bus stops.

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