It’s only a short bit of road, but potentially quite significant as the City of London is planning to pedestrianise part of Finsbury Circus.

The area has been occupied by Crossrail for the past few years as one of its shafts was dug in the middle of the gardens, but with those works slowly coming to an end, they have to restore the land to its original use.

The western spur linking Moorgate to the park has been blocked off by the building works, and should theoretically be restored to a road.

The City Corporation however believes, having been temporarily closed to vehicular traffic for over six years with no detrimental effect to the road network, that the western arm of Finsbury Circus can be permanently closed and converted to a pedestrian space.

The plans would therefore see the space made much more welcoming, and draw more people into the park that sits it the centre of Finsbury Circus.

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