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Thanks to a birthday gift voucher from my flatmate, I was in the Transport Museum’s shop the other day picking up some goodies, including a moquette design tea towel – which it turns out isn’t that effective in its tea towelling duties. But it looks nice hanging in the kitchen. I also picked up some tube roundel ice cube trays, which are fun, and some books which are educational.

Anyway, a bit of pr fluff, as the Transport Museum shop is running a competition to win a “designer chair” covered in London Undergound’s famous moquette.

Sadly it’s not a case of filling in a form – you have to physically visit a furniture exhibition where the chair will be on display, and then enter the competition. At least the number of entries will be lower though – especially as entry to the show cost £10 (2-for-1 offer available) per ticket, so you have a higher percentage chance of winning.

They’ll hate me for saying this, but I prefer honesty and the fact is, I think the chair looks hideous!

I would personally have gone for maybe two-tone effect or maybe three at the most, but in large blocks, say the back, the seat and the sides – but the patchwork quilt effect really doesn’t work for me.

The sofa is even worse.

More details here.

In unrelated news, a date for your calendars, as there will be another open weekend at their Acton Depot on 8th and 9th October.

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2 comments on “Win a Moquette covered chair
  1. kushla pope says:

    that is truly horrible!

  2. Kit Green says:

    After a couple of washes (without fabric conditioner as it inhibits absorption, same goes for towels) your tea towel will work a treat.

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