There’s a chance to buy a London street sign as a batch of old signs no longer needed are put up for auction. The distinctive street signs are all from Westminster, and were first created by Sir Misha Black in 1967, and are still a copyrighted design that needs permission from Westminster Council to reproduce.

There are 235 different road names in the auction, and some of them could be interesting gifts, either for people who share the same name, or who lived on the road and have fond memories of something that happened there.

(c) Catherine Southon Auctioneers & Valuers

The auction is being run by Catherine Southon Auctioneers & Valuers on 18th May 2023 and can be viewed here.

The signs are being sold as the council is replacing them, and the funds from the auction go back to the council.

The full list:

Alderney Street SW1
Alford Street W1
Alma Square NW8
Atterbury Street SW1
Balfaur Place W1
Balfaur Mews W1
Banbury Court WC2 Leading To Carriage Hall
Barnsdale Road W9
Bayswater Road W2
Beak Street W1
Belgrave Mews South SW1
Bell Street NW1
Berner Mews W1
Berwick Street W1
Bessenden Place SW1
Blenheim Terrace NW8
Blomfield Road W9
Blomfield Place W1
Bourne Terrace W2
Bridge Street SW1
Brown Hart Gardens W1
Bruton Lane W1
Buckingham Gate SW1
Bullied Way SW1
Burlington Mews W1
Cabbell Street NW1
Caird Street W10
Caradoc Close W2
Carlisle Place SW1
Carlton Street SW1
Carlton Vale Nw6
Castellain Road W9
Cathbert Street W2
Cavendish Place W1
Chapel Place W1
Chapter Street SW1
Charlwood Place SW1
Chelsea Bridge Road SW1
Chester Street SW1
Chichester Road W2
Chippenham Mews W9
Chippenham Road W9
Church Street W2
Churchill Gardens Road SW1
Churtain Street SW1
Churton Street SW1
Cirencester Street W2
Clarendon Street SW1
Clarendon Terrace W9
Claverton Street SW1
Clifton Road W9
Clifton Villas W9
Clipstone Street W1
Coburg Close SW1
Conduit Court WC2
Conduit Street W1
Cosway Street NW1
Craven Hill Gardens W2
Craven Hill Gardens W2 (1-12)
Crompton Street W2
Culross Street W1
Cumberland Street SW1
Cureton Street SW1
Cuthbert Street W2
Delamere Street W2
Delamere Terrace W2
Denbigh Place SW1
Denbigh Street SW1
Denholme Road W9
Droop Street W10
Droop Street W10 (84 – 2)
Duchess Mews W1
Duchess Street W1
Eastbourne Terrace W2
Easterbrooke Street SW1
Eaton Gate SW1
Eaton Square SW1
Ebury Bridge Road
Ebury Square SW1
Ebury Street SW1
Elgin Mews North W9
Elgin Mews South W9
Elnathan Mews W9
Emery Hill Street SW1
Ennismore Garden Mews SW7
Essendine Road W9
Fairholt Street SW7
Fermoy Road W9
Fernhead Road W9
First Avenue W10
Fordingley Road W9
Forset Street W1
Foubert’s Place W1
Frith Street W1
Gate Mews SW7
George Court WC2 Leading To York Building
Gillingham Row SW1
Graham Terrace SW1
Granville Place W1
Great Castle Street W1
Great Marlborough Street W1
Great Smith Street SW1 Leading To Marshall St
Great Titchfield Street W1
Green Street W1
Greycoat Place SW1
Greycoat Street SW1
Grittleton Road W9
Grosvenor Square W1
Grove End Road NW8
Halkin Place SW1
Hallam Street W1
Hanover Street W1
Harcourt Street SW1
Harrow Road W9
Heads Mews W11
Heddon Street W1
Hermes Close W9
Herrick Street SW1
Herries Street W10
Herries Treet 10
Highworth Street NW1
Hollen Street W1
Hugh Street SW1
Ivor Place NW1
John Islip Street SW1
Kilburn Lane W10
Kingly Street W1
Lanark Road W9
Lancaster Mews W2
Langham Place W1
Leamington Road Villas W11
Leinster Square W2
Little Argyll Street W1
Little Portland Street W1
London Street W2
Long Acre WC2
Lord Hills Bridge W2
Lupus Street SW1
Maddox Street W1
Margaret Street W1
Marylebone Mews W1
Monck Street SW1
Montpelier Place SW7
Montpelier Square SW7
Montpelier Street SW7
Moreshead Road W9
Mortimer Street W1
New Burlington Place W1
New Burlington Street W1
New Cavendish Street W1
Norris Street SW1
Odhams Walk WC2
Ogle Street W1
Old Pye Street SW1
Oliphant Street W10
Orme Street W2
Page Street SW1
Park Road NW8
Ponsonby Place SW1
Ponsonby Street SW1
Porchester Terrace W2
Portland Mews
Portnall Road W9
Princes Street W1
Queber Mews W1
Queen Anne Mews W1
Queen Anne News W1
Queen Anne Street
Queen Anne Street W1
Queens Mews W2
Queens Terrace NW8
Ranston Street NW1
Rathbone Place W1
Rede Place W2
Regent Place W1
Regent Street W1
Regent Street W1 With No’s (1-259)
Regent Street W1 With No’s (261-319)
Regent Street W1 With No’s (268-2)
Regent Street W1 With No’s (272-326)
Regent Street W1 With No’s (49-319)
Saint Barnabas Street SW1
Senior Street W2
Severn Avenue W10
Seymore Street W2
Shelta Street WC2
Shepherd Street W1
Shirland Mews W9
Shrewsbury Road W2
Sixth Avenue W1 (118-2, 123-1)
Sixth Avenue W10
Soho Square W1
St Anns Lane SW1
St Clements Lane WC2
St Georges Drive SW1
St Johns Wood Terrace NW8
St Lukes Road W11
St Marys Square
St Oswulf Street SW1
St. Oswulf Street SW1
St. Stephens Crescent W2
St. Stephens Gardens W2
Star Street W2
Stillington Street SW1
Sussex Street SW1
Sutherland Avenue W9
Sutherland Row SW1
Sutherland Street SW1
Swallow Place W1
Swallow Street W1
Sycamore Walk W10
Talbot Road W2
Tenison Court W1
Third Avenue W10
Thirleby Road SW1
Thorney Street SW1
Thorney Street W1
Townsend Road NW8
Vane Street SW1
Verdi Crescent W10
Vigo Street W1
Villers Street WC2
Walcott Street SW1
Walmer Street W1
Walterton Road W9
Warwich Way SW1 With Concrete Surround
Warwick Way SW1
Wellington Place NW8
Wells Mews W1
Westbourne Gardens W2
Westbourne Terrace Bridge Road W2
Willow Place SW1
Wilton Rd SW1
Wilton Road SW1
Winchester Street SW1

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  1. MilesT says:

    Wow my street is there, wonder when that got replaced?

  2. Alistair Hall says:

    I looked into the history of some of the signs in this sale, which involves a fiasco over nameplates!

  3. Chris Rogers says:

    The City did/does the same; I successfully bid for one from the 50s about 15 years ago, and finally put it up on my study wall during lockdown (Memo to others; it wasn’t easy – a plastic plate within an iron frame, it weighed, er, a lot. Four plugged screws was expected but that created a lot of mess drilling and actually mounting the thing on my own wasn’t easy!)

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