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London Public Art: Statue of James Greathead

This may look like a typical bit of military history on a plinth, as seen in many places around London, but in fact it’s London Underground heritage being celebrated here.

South London’s Abandoned Tube Tunnel

Thanks to how the tube network was built by the early private entrepreneurs, there are dotted around the place a fair number of disused shafts and tunnels which attract the curious minds – and occasional physical visits. Although South London

For Sale – a Model of the Rotherhithe Tunnel Shield

An auction house is about to sell off something I wouldn’t mind buying if I had a more generous wallet – a scale model of the tunnelling shield used to dig the (road) tunnel at Rotherhithe. “It’s a fabulous piece!

Greathead shield at Bank Station

I have been meaning for absolutly ages to take a look at a little bit of London Underground heritage at Bank Station, and total thanks to problems with the Jubilee Line, I happened to be at Bank today and going