Following the “sold out in one day” success of the District line moquette socks, the Transport Museum has more socks in stock. The District line socks are back in stock — in both sizes again, along with the Routemaster bus socks.

But new to the range at the S Stock socks with the deep background and the coloured bars for each of the sub-surface lines the trains run on.

Also new to the range are the Jubilee line socks — officially the 2011 Barman design, named after Christian Barman who commissioned the first moquettes for the London Underground in 1936.

And finally arriving sooner than the trains, the Elizabeth line socks — although to be frank, they look rather closer to the sort of socks that can be purchased in a normal high-street retailer.

All the socks are available in sizes 4-7 and 6-11 and cost £9 per pair from the London Transport Museum.

Now you can choose socks from your favourite Stock.

…now we need large versions to hang up on Christmas Eve in the hope that Santa fills them with coal from a steam train. Or presents if you prefer.

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2 comments on “Moquette socks are back in stock
  1. Joanna Brown says:

    Please can we have children’s socks in these designs too? I’m sure they would sell well. My tube-mad grandson bought a pair of the adult ones because he simply had to have them – but he’s only a size 1 so they’re not going to fit for ages!

    • JP says:

      Joanna, whilst your grandson is waiting “until he grows into it,” namely his socks, why not visit the Transport Museum shop website where he’ll find cushions, scarves and best of all in my opinion a hot water bottle?

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