Launched last June, a glowing tube roundel has won an award for the “best licensed product” at the Association for Cultural Enterprises Conference.

The lightbox has now sold over 12,000 units since its launch, making it also one of the London Transport Museum’s best selling products.

The Lightboxes, which come with 10 interchangeable station signs, including the classic ‘Mind The Gap’ slogan, are powered by a USB cable, or back-up batteries.

The award by ACE said that the glowing roundel is “A versatile and iconic gift for both the adult and child audience by thoughtfully creating interchangeable station signs.”

As a nightlight in a room, or just something quirky, it’s a delight.

It’s quite large, which might be an issue if using it as a bedside lamp. And could do with a much longer USB cable for the power supply, and it is fairly basic as a product, being plastic with the label inserts. The one/off switch is a bit small, but there is a stand on the back to keep it stable.

That said, it’s something most people are going to smile broadly about when given as a gift, and probably invest in the longer cable to they can use it a lot. Hook up to a movement sensitive plug and you’ve got a perfect night time lamp for the hallway.

The — now award winning — roundels are available from the Transport Museum, or from Amazon.

A smaller version of the roundel will be launching in May.

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One comment on “London Underground’s glowing tube roundel picks up an award
  1. Jay Long says:

    Unfortunately the additional station name inserts aren’t going to be available for these. After contacting the distributor they said the manufacturer had let them down on these.

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