Long standing plans to surround Shoreditch High Street station with a cluster of tower blocks have been revised and a new consultation is open.

Proposals to redevelop the old goods yard after it was destroyed in a massive blaze in 1964 have been stalled for decades over what to do with the site that stretches across the borough boundary between Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

The recent, and controversial plans for a mix of tall towers for office and residential was called in by the then Mayor of London and a formal decision deferred following a recommendation that it be rejected.

The developers, Hammerson and Ballymore were pushed to amend their proposals, and the new plan allows for lower building heights and focuses on workspace and creative industries.

It will also retain more of the site heritage, with a new approach to routes and public spaces.

However, the flipside is that the number of flats being built will be slashed from 1,350 to just 350 as the 46-storey towers are replaced with a single much smaller block of around 17 storeys.

As part of the new consultation, more details will be shown off at exhibitions, although the opening hours are hardly convenient to the average person, so will be quite limited in how many people they can reach.

Mini Exhibitions

  • Friday 9 Nov | 10-2pm | Outside Shoreditch High Street Station
  • Sunday 11 Nov | 12-4pm | Brick Lane Market, Sclater Street
  • Tuesday 13 Nov | 10-2pm | Outside Shoreditch High Street Station

Main Exhibitions

All at: Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EY

  • Thursday | 8 Nov | 2-5pm
  • Saturday | 10 Nov | 11-4pm
  • Monday | 12 Nov | 5-9pm
  • Wednesday | 14 Nov | 2-5pm
  • Thursday | 15 Nov | 2-5pm

More details over here.

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10 comments on “New consultation on Shoreditch’s Goodsyard development
  1. Stephen says:

    Ian the Great,
    If this development is anything like the Kings X estate ( Granary square and Coal drops yard, it will be more that welcome… BUT….
    If it is more Walkie Talkie, Cheese Grater steel and glass eyesore, then they can STUFF IT!!
    All that stuff is ugly (Plus a short shelf life )
    Keep up the good work ✔😎

  2. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Does that mean the former Shoreditch Underground station could be demolished to make way for new apartments being built. As part of the regeneration of Shoreditch.

  3. CityLover says:

    No, by scrapping the towers all you are going to get is short stumpy blocks which are going to be oppressive at street level and do nothing for the skyline. There will be less space at ground level to make up for the lost space in the towers. Developers are aren’t a charity so they are only going to build it if it is profitable.

    All this because the local nimbies don’t like tall towers in an area already surrounded by towers.

    This should have been well under way to construction by now. Boris J should just have pushed it through as the last thing he did instead of leaving it to gutless Sadiq.

  4. Steve Ehrlicher says:

    Looks to me like a perfect place for a city park. Just add a few more trees, some litter bins and a gate that can be locked at dusk.

  5. Melvyn says:

    The Central Line passes beneath the site so what’s needed is a new Central Line Station fully accessible and integrated with Shoreditch High Street Overground Station .

    This would be even more useful if plans to double end Liverpool Street Station are built by Network Rail thus offering easier interchange to Overground Station and access to Mainline station from Bishopsgate goods yard development.

    The development provides the opportunity to build new Central Line Station at same time thus reducing costs and integrating with development.

    Just think even if this plan goes ahead it will be around 60 years since the fire for redevelopment of goods yard to have occurred!

  6. GT says:

    NOT going to happen
    The Central line is already grossly overloaded – it reaaly doesn’t need even more people funnelling on to it there ….

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