These are rather delightful, an expanding range of models of some of England’s Cathedrals, Abbeys and Minsters, all made in card.

Each model-kit is printed in black and white onto strong, tinted or white card so that with most kits, virtually no hand colouring is ever required and for the most part, not desirable.

These model kits require the use of a scalpel and a solvent-based adhesive, so some people might be wary of letting a very young child make them, but for anyone else, they look like a perfect Sunday afternoon’s activity when it’s raining outside.

The Rupert Cordeux Model-Cathedrals range in price from £15 to £25 each.

The full range currently includes:

  • Ely Cathedral
  • Beverley Minster
  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Salisbury Cathedral
  • Romsey Abbey
  • Gloucester Cathedral
  • Exeter Cathedral
  • Southwell Minster
  • York Minster
  • Worcester Cathedral
  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • Tewkesbury Abbey

Rupert Cordeux’s currently working on adding Wells Cathedral to the list.

The models can be ordered here.

For an alternative, how about some brutalism models on London instead?

One comment on “Cardboard models of English Cathedrals
  1. Richard says:

    Can these be shipped to Russia? I know if a couple of cathedral enthusiasts that would love the model of Salisbury.

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