Try a bit of stone or woodcarving with the Prince’s Foundation

As part of the London Craft Week, there’s a chance to try your hand at a bit of wood or stone carving, with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.

Both 2-hour introductions are aimed at people with no or little experience in carving either material, and each session is limited to just seven people, so you get a decent amount of time with the tutor.

They also cost just £20 each.

The stone carving session takes place on Wed 9th May at 6:30pm.

The session starts with providing a basic introduction to the limestone and hand tools being used as well as providing some background on the history of mason’s marks. Participants will then be given the chance to design and carve their own marks.

The wood carving sessions take place on Sun 13th May at 10am or 1:15pm.

Be guided through the drawing out and carving of your initials into limewood, then take your masterpiece home to show off to all your friends! Participants will be given an introduction to woodcarving tools and taught basic carving techniques.

The both take place at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, which is near Shoreditch.

To book the wood carving, go here, and for the stones, go here.

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