Time to start planning the annual celebration of the persecution of a Papist plot to kill our Protestant Monarch. Sadly, the burning of effigies seems to be frowned upon now, although a few venues will have bonfires this year.

If I’ve missed any (as I am bound to have), then send me a note and I’ll update the details.


London’s Firework Displays

Area Date Gates Open Main Fireworks Cost
(price in advance)
Alexandra Palace 7th Nov 3pm 8pm £9 Street food and beer festival.
Barking 7th Nov 5:30pm 8pm £5 Funfair and Live Music Stage
Barnes 7th Nov 5:30pm 7:45pm £15 Childrens’s display at 6:30pm, bonfire lit at 7pm.
Barnet 8th Nov Noon 7:30pm £8 (£6)
Battersea 7th Nov 6pm 8pm £10 (£6.50) Tickets in advance only.
Beckenham 7th Nov 6pm 8pm tba
Bexley/Welling 7th Nov 6pm 8pm £10 (£6) Funfair
Blackheath 7th Nov Noon 8pm Free Funfair from 4pm.
Brockham 7th Nov 6:15pm 8:15pm Free Huge event with parade and bonfire.
Brockwell Park Cancelled
Brent 5th Nov 6pm 8pm Free Children’s show at 7pm
Carshalton 7th Nov 5pm 7pm £7.50 (£5) Bonfire lit at 7.30pm
Caterham 7th Nov 6pm 8pm £5 Torch procession through the town.
Central London 14th Nov na 5:15pm Free Riverside display for the Lord Mayor’s Show
Cheshunt 6th Nov 6:15pm 7:15pm £4
Chislehurst 7th Nov 6pm 7:30pm £6
Crystal Palace 5th Nov 6pm 8:30pm £10 (£6) Children’s show at 7pm
Dulwich 7th Nov 5pm 7pm £5 Bonfire lit at 6:30pm
Ealing 7th Nov 6pm 7:30pm £6 BBQ and bars.
Enfield Cancelled
Epsom 7th Nov 5:30pm 7:30pm £7.50 (£5)
Fulham 6th Nov 6pm 8:10pm £8 (£6) Children’s display at 7:15pm
Hackney 7th Nov 6pm 7:30pm £7.50
Hammersmith 7th Nov 6pm 8:10pm £8 (£6) Children’s display at 7:15pm
Hampton 7th Nov tba tba tba
Harrow 7th Nov 3pm 7:45pm £6.80
Havering 7th Nov 7pm 9pm £3.50
Heathrow 5th Nov 5:30pm 7:30pm £8
Hillingdon 7th Nov noon 7pm £6.80
Kempton Park 7th Nov 6pm 8pm £8.75 Funfair
Kingston 6th Nov 6:30pm 8pm £5 (£4) Children’s funfair rides
Morden Park 7th Nov 5:15pm 8:15pm £8 Children’s display at 6:45pm
Paddington 5th Nov 6pm 7:30pm £10 Tickets in advance only
Petersham 7th Nov tba tba tba
Loughton 8th Nov 4:30pm 6:30pm £10 Tickets in advance only.
Richmond 8th Nov 6:30pm 8:30pm £8.50
Romford 6th Nov 5pm 9pm £5
Southgate 7th Nov 5pm 8pm £8 (£6)
Southwark 5th Nov 5:30pm 7pm Free SOLD OUT
Staines 7th Nov 6pm 8pm Free
Teddington 4th Nov 5pm 6:30pm £10 (£8)
Teddington 7th Nov 5pm 6:30pm £10 (£8)
Totteridge 6th Nov 5pm 7:40pm £7
Tower Hamlets/Victoria Park 7th Nov tba 7pm Free
Upminster 8th Nov tba tba £6.80
Uxbridge 7th Nov noon 7pm £4 Bonfire lit at 6pm
Vauxhall 31st Oct tba n/a Free Not fireworks — but a fire festival.
Waltham Abbey 7th Nov 2pm 7pm £8.77
Waltham Abbey 8th Nov 2pm 7pm £8.77
Waltham Forest 5th Nov 6:30pm 8pm Free
Wanstead Flats 1st Nov 5:30pm 6:30pm Free
Watford 7th Nov 6pm 7:30pm Free Bonfire lit at 7pm
West Wickham 7th Nov 6pm 7pm £6.50
Willesden 5th Nov tba 8pm Free Children’s display at 7pm
Wimbledon Park 5th Nov 5:15pm 8:15pm £8 Children’s display at 6:45pm

New Year’s Eve

And finally, tickets to be in the crowds at the London Eye on New Year’s Eve are now on sale.

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  1. Brock says:

    Tower Hamlets normally have one or two – Weavers Fields and millwall Park? Not announced a date yet but not said they’ll pull it either…

  2. LadyBracknell says:

    I am much closer to Blackheath this year and a five minute walk will afford me a good viewing position with less of a chance of being deafened.

  3. Brock says:

    tower hamlets now confirmed – 7th november, back in Victoria Park.

  4. Vee says:

    URGH why did Enfield have to cancel???! Now I have to go to Central London D;

  5. Chloe says:

    hello, just wondering if there is anything going on in Uxbridge on the 7th of November for bonfire night, as everytime it comes to finding something it actually isn’t in Uxbridge it is in Harrow or Ealing.

  6. LadyBracknell says:

    Looks like a wash out. It’s been raining all day and the wind is very high. Oh well, there’s always New Year.

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