The LAST bag of Woolworths Pic n Mix

One for the nostalgia fans – as you can buy the last “official” bag of pic ‘n mix ever sold in a Woolworths, and the funds raised will go to a charity aimed at helping retail workers.

woolworths pic n mixIt is (allegedly) quite authentic, with a note from the administrators confirming that it was indeed the very last bag sold by the firm.

More over on eBay (where else?)

I presume the sweets will go off eventually, so you will be left with a sugar coated bag and a certificate.

Maybe someone somewhat richers than I am could buy it and donate it to the excellent Museum of Brands?

Hat tip to Sam.

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2 comments on “The LAST bag of Woolworths Pic n Mix
  1. If its on Ebay, it will get pulled. Ebay don’t allow the sale of food.

  2. Christine says:

    Woolworths! I have not heard that name in years. There used to be one in Westminster, MD (when we lived there) another life time ago, it seems. Christine

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