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Saw the recording of tonight’s episode of Have I Got News for You last night.

Jeremy Clarkson hosting is exactly what you expect – so the show is good, but not raucously funny.

However, the show is going to be memorable for a very different reason, and depending on how much the editors leave in could be one of those episodes people talk about at the water cooler for some time.

As the saying goes, the pen is indeed mightier (and it seems, sharper) than the sword – especially when it is thrown across the desk and stabs Ian Hislop in the face.


As the program has gone out – it is clear that they edited a lot out. The incident was actually a lot, lot funnier in the studio and Clarkson was genuinely quite sorry about the whole thing.

Hislop milked it like mad though – and kept going on about getting botulism poisoning and pulling a frozen face throughout the remainder of the recording.

They actually sent a make-up girl on with a plaster just after it happened but he waved it away.

I hope they leave more of that in for the slightly longer version shown tonight.

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