The annual poppy season starts each year, like a small trickle as you see the odd person towards the end of October sporting a poppy and they stand out for being so early. However, over the next couple of weeks, the poppies spring up all over the place and suddenly you find yourself noticing the people who aren’t sporting one on their jackets, and wondering why.

Fortunately, poppies are not like Christmas – otherwise the season would probably start in July, which would be awful.

I tend not to buy one before November, but I feel increasingly “naked” as I walk around and see people wearing their tokens and today I saw a poppy seller who could solve my sartorial dilemma.

So, today I brought my annual poppy – or more technically, I made a donation to the Royal British Legion and they gave me a token of thanks – but it still felt like I was buying something rather than making a charitable donation, and that felt slightly wrong.

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