Broadband Back!

Last night almost exactly 36 hours after my ADSL died at home, lots of lights started flashing on the router and my broadband returned.

So, today I am working from home again and feeling a little less stressed.

However, I have now decided to take out a monthly subscription to the T-Mobile WiFi service, as it is only £20 a month vs £10 per day if I pay each time I need it. I think I will start working from the coffee shop twice a week as I do work slightly more productively there, and it does help to get out of the flat at times.

I also now have some more flexibility in working and can more easily pop out during the week if I feel like a short break to visit an exhibition ect as I don’t have to worry about paying for WiFi access when out.

I just have to get used to drinking that quantity of coffee again – I was quite “off-colour” last night from a caffine overdose.

I shall also be firing off a letter to BT complaining about their customer “don’t care” department. I pay a premium to BT compared to their cheaper competitors as I want a decent service. Yes, things break down and I do not expect 100% perfection in that regard.

I do not however expect to have to spend something an hour and a half on the phone over two days dealing with people who have no real understanding of the service and are just trying to read off a script in a call center. That is not a premium service. If that is what BT offer now, then frankly I might as well switch to Carphonewarehouse – at least I know they will be crap.

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