Although the mandatory wearing of a facemask in England is to be cancelled from next Thursday (27th Jan), the Mayor of London has announced that they will remain mandatory on London’s public transport network for the time being.

When the government removed the requirement to wear a face mask on public transport across the UK in July 2021, TfL changed its own rules to retain the requirement, and although it was unable to fine people it could remove non-wearers from the service. When facemasks were reintroduced in shops and on public transport across England last November, TfL reintroduced its £200 fines.

From next Thursday, as the legal requirement to wear a face-covering on public transport will lapse across England, TfL will still require it as a Condition of Carriage on TfL regulated services. So while people who don’t have a good reason to use the service without wearing a face-covering can’t be fined, they can be asked to leave. That applies to people wearing face masks under their chins, which two years after the pandemic started is still a bafflingly regular sight on public transport.

So that’s taxis, buses, trains, trams, and dangleways.

It does however see a return to the situation where some stations can have some passengers required to wear a face mask, and some not. Such as Peckham Rye which serves both Southern and London Overground trains from adjacent platforms.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “If we have learnt anything from this pandemic, it is that we must not get complacent and undo all our hard work and sacrifices. That’s why face coverings will remain a condition of carriage on TfL services. I’m asking everyone in our capital to do the right thing and continue to wear a face-covering when travelling on TfL services to keep us all protected and to prevent further restrictions from being necessary later down the line.”

People who are medically exempted from wearing a face-covering can request a free badge from TfL to show they are exempt – from here.

Scientific advice suggests that, although face coverings are unlikely to prevent an individual from catching the coronavirus, they can help prevent someone who is infected from infecting others and thus help control the virus.


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  1. Melvyn says:

    So the nonsense continues of a single passenger on a train needing to wear a face mask !

    Anyway there is a difference between Mainline trains like the overground running in the open and small tube trains running in deep tunnels !

    And just like before without a legal requirement it’s more likely to cause unneeded aggravation to bus and rail staff

  2. Brian Butterworth says:

    “So that’s taxis, buses, trains, trams, and dangleways”

    What about Stations? The current bossy announcements at, say, Stratford, say “TfL stations and trains” are where masks have to be warn/everything** else not done.

    Also, why don’t BUS DRIVERS have to wear them? Are they not on the TfL service?

    ** – e-scooters etc.

  3. Carol Cakeworth says:

    Pointless if they don’t enforce it. On my journeys it’s something like two in ten who are wearing a mask

  4. Chris says:

    Theres no pandemic, there never was. This is entirely a fear, propaganda, control, agenda, to coerce you into being injected with god knows what.
    And you all complied…..
    Restrictions may be over, but Boris has already bought jabs 4 and 5 for you. Canada has bought thru jab #6. And the French Passe Sanitaire has spaces for 8 jabs.
    And you think its all over…..ahhh, thats sweet. Silly little sheeple. Comply until you die…

  5. Ronnie says:

    I think I will continue to wear mine until March then call it a day.

  6. Pete says:

    Khan has a dream of being the next labour leader! He just showing off leadership for self gain!

  7. Dawid says:

    This is purely political move

  8. Dan Coleman says:

    @Chris above – maybe lay off the internet for a bit mate?

    As for Sadiq, not sure why he still continues to think that he knows better than Government policy, but here we are.

  9. Richard Truscott says:

    Like ‘Chris’ you too believe in the conspiracy theory put on here. All you need do is look at the RI Children’s Christmas Lectures for a fair and accurate telling of the whys and wherefores behind how pandemics happen and how you fix it.

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