List of Historical Anniversaries

I often wonder what significant anniversaries are due at some point in the future as some of them might be of interest as triggers for blog posts or visits somewhere. However, it is often difficult to find out quickly what events have significant anniversaries - hence this section on the website.

By "significant anniversaries", I mean dates that are not, for example, the 73rd anniversary of something, but the 50th, 100th, 200th etc.

It should help to flag up interesting events.

Anniversaries during August 2019

Note: This page lists ALL anniversaries, not just the key dates.
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188th A new London Bridge opens. (1st Aug 1831)
181st Non-labourer slaves in most of the British Empire are emancipated. (1st Aug 1838)
179th Labourer slaves in most of the British Empire are emancipated. (1st Aug 1840)
35th Commercial peat-cutters discover the preserved bog body of a man, called Lindow Man, at Lindow Moss, Cheshire, North West England. (1st Aug 1984)
149th Tower Subway, the world's first underground tube railway, opens in London. (1st Aug 1870)
46th A flash fire kills 51 at the Summerland amusement centre at Douglas, Isle of Man. (1st Aug 1973)
16th The Hutton Inquiry into the recent death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly, chaired by judge Lord Hutton, opens. (1st Aug 2003)
305th George, elector of Hanover, becomes King George I of Great Britain following the death of Queen Anne. (1st Aug 1714)
44th The government's anti-inflation policy came into full effect. During the year, inflation reached 24.2% - the second highest since records began in 1750 and the highest since 1800. (1st Aug 1975)
54th Cigarette advertising is banned on British television. (1st Aug 1965)
204th William Smith publishes the first national geological map of the UK, A Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland. (1st Aug 1815)
304th First Doggett's Coat and Badge rowing race held on the River Thames. (1st Aug 1715)
4th Singer and television star Cilla Black, whose showbiz career spanned over 50 years, dies at her villa in Spain, at the age of 72. (1st Aug 2015)
73rd The establishment of a National Land Fund to secure culturally significant property for the nation as a memorial to the dead of World War II. (1st Aug 1946)
11th Barry George was acquitted of the murder of Jill Dando. (1st Aug 2008)
61st Premiere of Carry on Sergeant, the first Carry On film. (1st Aug 1958)
101st Education Act raises the school leaving age in England and Wales to fourteen. (1st Aug 1918)
35th A Surrey business man wins a case in the European Court of Human Rights over illegal phone tapping by the police. (2nd Aug 1984)
53rd Spanish government forbids overflights of British military aircraft. (2nd Aug 1966)
988th Olaf II of Norway is canonised as Saint Olaf by Grimketel, the English Bishop of Selsey. (3rd Aug 1031)
18th The Real IRA detonates a car bomb in Ealing, London, United Kingdom injuring seven people. (3rd Aug 2001)
16th Police use the taser for the first time in the UK. (3rd Aug 2003)
75th The Education Act, promoted by Rab Butler, creates a Tripartite System of secondary education in England and Wales with Secondary Modern, Technical, and Grammar schools, entrance being determined in most cases by the results of the Eleven plus exam. (3rd Aug 1944)
130th Opening of Hawarden Bridge, Wales. (3rd Aug 1889)
99th London Underground's Central Line starts carrying passengers between Wood Lane and Ealing Broadway. (3rd Aug 1920)
64th English language premiere of Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot, directed by Peter Hall, opens at the Arts Theatre, London. (3rd Aug 1955)
103rd The musical comedy Chu Chin Chow, premieres at His Majesty's Theatre in London. It will run for five years and a total of 2,238 performances, a record that will stand for nearly 40 years. (3rd Aug 1916)
754th Second Barons' War: Battle of Evesham - the army of Prince Edward (the future king Edward I of England) defeats the forces of rebellious barons led by Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, killing de Montfort and many of his allies. (4th Aug 1265)
692nd First War of Scottish Independence: James Douglas leads a raid into Weardale and almost kills Edward III of England. (4th Aug 1327)
315th War of the Spanish Succession: Gibraltar is captured by an English and Dutch fleet, commanded by Admiral Sir George Rooke and allied with Archduke Charles. (4th Aug 1704)
117th The Greenwich foot tunnel under the River Thames opens. (4th Aug 1902)
26th Labour Party leader John Smith opens Millwall F.C.'s New Den stadium in London, which is the largest new football stadium to be built in England since before World War II. (4th Aug 1993)
55th The first portable televisions go on sale. (4th Aug 1964)
65th Maiden flight of the English Electric Lightning P-1 supersonic fighter plane. (4th Aug 1954)
85th British Empire Games opens in London. (4th Aug 1934)
8th Downing Street launched a new e-petition website to encourage the public to prompt parliamentary debate on topics they feel are important. Several of the initial petitions concerned proposals for and against restoring the death penalty, last used in the UK in 1964. (4th Aug 2011)
53rd The Kray Twins are questioned in connection with a murder in London. (4th Aug 1966)
303rd George Seton, 5th Earl of Winton, under sentence of death for his part in the Jacobite rising of 1715, escapes from the Tower of London and flees into exile on the continent. (4th Aug 1716)
1377th Battle of Maserfield - Penda of Mercia defeats and kills Oswald of Northumbria. (5th Aug 0642)
1109th The last major Danish army to raid England is defeated at the Battle of Tettenhall by the allied forces of Mercia and Wessex, led by King Edward the Elder and Earl Aethelred of Mercia. (5th Aug 0910)
919th Henry I is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey. (5th Aug 1100)
714th William Wallace, who led the Scottish resistance against England, is captured by the English near Glasgow and transported to London where he is put on trial and executed. (5th Aug 1305)
631st The Battle of Otterburn, a border skirmish between the Scottish and the English in Northern England, is fought near Otterburn. (5th Aug 1388)
436th Sir Humphrey Gilbert establishes the first English colony in North America, at what is now St John's, Newfoundland. (5th Aug 1583)
419th The Gowrie Conspiracy against King James VI of Scotland (later to become King James I of England) takes place. (5th Aug 1600)
399th The Mayflower departs from Southampton, England on its first attempt to reach North America. (5th Aug 1620)
238th The Battle of Dogger Bank takes place. (5th Aug 1781)
105th World War I: the German minelayer Königin Luise lays a minefield about 40 miles (64 km) of the Thames Estuary (Lowestoft). She is intercepted and sunk by the British light-cruiser HMS Amphion. (5th Aug 1914)
56th The United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union sign a nuclear test ban treaty. (5th Aug 1963)
74th The Giles family cartoon first appears in the Sunday Express. (5th Aug 1945)
43rd The Great Clock of Westminster (or Big Ben) suffers internal damage and stops running for over nine months. (5th Aug 1976)
176th Sarah Dazley, the last woman to be executed in public in England, is hanged for murder outside Bedford Prison (5th Aug 1843)
158th The United Kingdom annexes Lagos, Nigeria. (6th Aug 1861)
93rd Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim across the English Channel. (6th Aug 1926)
28th Tim Berners-Lee releases files describing his idea for the World Wide Web. WWW debuts as a publicly available service on the Internet. (6th Aug 1991)
10th Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs, who is gravely ill, is granted release from prison on compassionate grounds. (6th Aug 2009)
113th Elephant & Castle station on the London Underground's Bakerloo Line opens. (6th Aug 1906)
5th Mayor of London Boris Johnson announces his intention to seek re-election to Parliament in the 2015 general election. Johnson had previously said he wold not stand as an MP before his Mayoral term ends in 2016. (6th Aug 2014)
54th Peter Watkins' The War Game, a television drama-documentary depicting the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the UK, is pulled from its planned transmission as BBC1's The Wednesday Play for political reasons. It will go on to win the 1966 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. (6th Aug 1965)
4th A second transport workers' strike causes chaos in London, with the entire London Underground network shut down. (6th Aug 2015)
8th The 2011 English riots began. (6th Aug 2011)
43rd The last Postmaster General, John Stonehouse, is sentenced to seven years in jail for fraud. (6th Aug 1976)
73rd Family allowance introduced, a cash benefit paid to mothers. (6th Aug 1946)
73rd Free milk provided in UK state schools to all pupils under the age of 18. (6th Aug 1946)
83rd An underground explosion at Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery in South Yorkshire kills 58. (6th Aug 1936)
140th The opening of the Poor Man's Palace in Manchester. (7th Aug 1879)
254th Armed mutiny at Maidstone County Gaol. (7th Aug 1765)
93rd The first British Grand Prix held at the Brooklands circuit near Weybridge. (7th Aug 1926)
103rd August bank holiday abandoned. (7th Aug 1916)
516th King James IV of Scotland marries Margaret Tudor, daughter of King Henry VII of England at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland. (8th Aug 1503)
431st Anglo-Spanish War: Battle of Gravelines - The naval engagement ends, ending the Spanish Armada's attempt to invade England. (8th Aug 1588)
372nd The Irish Confederate Wars and Wars of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Dungans Hill - English Parliamentary forces defeat Irish forces. (8th Aug 1647)
56th Great Train Robbery: in England, a gang of 15 train robbers steal 2.6 million pounds in bank notes. (8th Aug 1963)
33rd Rival gangs of Manchester United and West Ham United fans clash on a Sealink ferry bound for Amsterdam where the two clubs are playing pre-season friendlies. (8th Aug 1986)
31st The first child (Princess Beatrice) of The Duke and Duchess of York is born at Portland Hospital in London. (8th Aug 1988)
8th The Royal Navy appointed its first female warship commander. Lieutenant Commander Sarah West, 39, who took control of HMS Portland in May 2012. (8th Aug 2011)
28th John McCarthy, a British hostage held in Lebanon for over 5 years is freed. (8th Aug 1991)
51st Royal Navy Leander-class frigate HMS Scylla is launched at Devonport, the last ship to be built in a Royal Dockyard. (8th Aug 1968)
117th Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark are crowned King and Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. (9th Aug 1902)
48th The Troubles: The British security forces in Northern Ireland launch Operation Demetrius. Hundreds of people are arrested and interned, thousands are displaced, and twenty are killed in the violence that followed. (9th Aug 1971)
13th At least 21 suspected terrorists were arrested in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot that happened in the United Kingdom. The arrests were made in London, Birmingham, and High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, in an overnight operation. (9th Aug 2006)
63rd Art exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London includes Richard Hamilton's collage Just What Is It that Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?, considered to be one of the earliest works of pop art. (9th Aug 1956)
73rd The Arts Council is incorporated by Royal Charter. (9th Aug 1946)
701st Treaty of Leake between Edward II and Earl of Lancaster, agreeing on control of administration. (9th Aug 1318)
1028th Battle of Maldon: the English, led by Byrhtnoth, Ealdorman of Essex, are defeated by a band of inland-raiding Vikings near Maldon in Essex. (10th Aug 0991)
344th The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London is laid. (10th Aug 1675)
16th The highest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom - 38.5 °C (101.3 °F) in Kent. It is the first time the United Kingdom has recorded a temperature over 100 °F (38 °C). (10th Aug 2003)
105th All suffragette prisoners released unconditionally. (10th Aug 1914)
103rd The official documentary propaganda film The Battle of the Somme is premičred in London. In the first six weeks of general release (from 20 August) 20 million people view it. (10th Aug 1916)
687th Wars of Scottish Independence: Battle of Dupplin Moor - Scots under Domhnall II, Earl of Mar are routed by Edward Balliol. (11th Aug 1332)
26th The Department of Health reveals that the number of people on hospital waiting lists has reached 1 million for the first time. (11th Aug 1993)
51st British Rail's last steam train service runs on the standard gauge: steam locomotives make the 314-mile return passenger journey from Liverpool to Carlisle before being dispatched to the scrapyard or preservation. (11th Aug 1968)
105th World War I: the United Kingdom declares war on Austria-Hungary; the countries of the British Empire follow suit. (12th Aug 1914)
55th Charlie Wilson, one of the Great Train Robbers, escapes from Winson Green Prison in Birmingham, England. (12th Aug 1964)
86th Winston Churchill makes his first public speech warning of the dangers of German rearmament. (12th Aug 1933)
10th Wales begins the process of digital TV switchover with the turning off of parts of the analogue signal from the Kilvey Hill transmitting station in Swansea (12th Aug 2009)
205th The last hanging under the Black Act in England — William Potter for cutting down an orchard; the judge petitions for reprieve. (12th Aug 1814)
53rd Three policemen are shot dead in Shepherd's Bush, West London, while sitting in their patrol car in Braybrook Street. (12th Aug 1966)
78th Dudley suffers five fatalities when a second landmine is dropped in the town. (12th Aug 1941)
205th The Convention of London, a treaty between the United Kingdom and the United Provinces, is signed in London. (13th Aug 1814)
106th First production in the UK of stainless steel by Harry Brearley. (13th Aug 1913)
42nd Members of the British National Front (NF) clash with anti-NF demonstrators in Lewisham, London, resulting in 214 arrests and at least 111 injuries. (13th Aug 1977)
55th Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans are hanged for the murder of John Alan West, the last executions to take place in the British Isles. (13th Aug 1964)
95th The government forces the charges against John Ross Campbell to be dropped leading to a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons. (13th Aug 1924)
205th The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814 is signed in London, returning most possessions of the Dutch Empire acquired by the UK since 1803 to the Netherlands. (13th Aug 1814)
34th The first UK heart-lung transplant is carried out at the Harefield Hospital in Middlesex. (13th Aug 1985)
33rd The Eurotunnel Group is formed to operate the Channel Tunnel. (13th Aug 1986)
203rd An earthquake in Aberdeen is the strongest ever in Scotland. (13th Aug 1816)
81st Great Britain and the United States contest the inaugural Amateur World Series in baseball, played in the north of England. Britain wins every match. (13th Aug 1938)
203rd The UK formally annexed the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, ruling them from the Cape Colony in South Africa. (14th Aug 1816)
131st An audio recording of English composer Arthur Sullivan's "The Lost Chord", one of the first recordings of music ever made, is played during a press conference introducing Thomas Edison's phonograph in London. (14th Aug 1888)
78th World War II - Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt sign the Atlantic Charter of war stating postwar aims. (14th Aug 1941)
52nd UK Marine Broadcasting Offences Act declares participation in offshore pirate radio illegal. (14th Aug 1967)
50th Operation Banner: British troops are deployed in Northern Ireland. (14th Aug 1969)
10th Britain imposes direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands after an inquiry found evidence of government corruption. (14th Aug 2009)
130th London dockers strike for a minimum wage of sixpence an hour ("The dockers' tanner"). The strike lasts a month. (14th Aug 1889)
44th Hampstead entered the UK Weather Records with the Highest 155-min total rainfall at 169 mm. (14th Aug 1975)
43rd 10,000 Protestant and Catholic women demonstrate for peace in Northern Ireland. (14th Aug 1976)
979th King Duncan I is killed in battle against his first cousin and rival Macbeth. The latter succeeds him as King of Scotland. (15th Aug 1040)
962nd King Macbeth is killed at the Battle of Lumphanan by the forces of Máel Coluim mac Donnchada. (15th Aug 1057)
420th Nine Years War: Battle of Curlew Pass - Irish forces led by Hugh Roe O'Donnell successfully ambush English forces, led by Sir Conyers Clifford, sent to relieve Collooney Castle. (15th Aug 1599)
78th Corporal Josef Jakobs is executed by firing squad at the Tower of London at 7:12 am, making him the last person to be executed at the Tower for treason. (15th Aug 1941)
67th A flash flood drenches the town of Lynmouth, England, killing 34 people. (15th Aug 1952)
56th Execution of Henry John Burnett, the last man to be hanged in Scotland. (15th Aug 1963)
21st Omagh bomb in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident of The Troubles (15th Aug 1998)
156th Bombardment of Kagoshima: Royal Navy bombards the town of Kagoshima in Japan in retribution after the Namamugi Incident of 1862. (15th Aug 1863)
74th V-J Day is celebrated in the UK. (15th Aug 1945)
506th Battle of Guinegate (Battle of the Spurs) - King Henry VIII of England defeats French Forces who are then forced to retreat. (16th Aug 1513)
200th Seventeen people die and over 600 are injured in cavalry charges at a public meeting at St. Peter's Field, Manchester, England. (16th Aug 1819)
161st U.S. President James Buchanan inaugurates the new transatlantic telegraph cable by exchanging greetings with Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. However, a weak signal forces a shutdown of the service in a few weeks. (16th Aug 1858)
106th Completion of the Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary. (16th Aug 1913)
15th Boscastle: flash floods destroy buildings and wash cars out to sea in Cornwall. (16th Aug 2004)
74th In the House of Commons, Leader of the Opposition Winston Churchill speaks of an "Iron Curtain" descending across Europe. (16th Aug 1945)
78th HMS Mercury Royal Navy Signals School and Combined Signals School opens at Leydene, near Petersfield, Hampshire. (16th Aug 1941)
7th Winnie Johnson dies -- she was the mother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett, the only victim whose remains have net been recovered. (17th Aug 2012)
86th Release of the film The Private Life of Henry VIII. Charles Laughton later receives an Academy Award for the title role, making this the first British film to win an Oscar. (17th Aug 1933)
30th Introduction of electronic tagging to monitor and supervise crime suspects. (17th Aug 1989)
74th George Orwell's Animal Farm published. (17th Aug 1945)
4th The London Borough of Lambeth becomes the first council in the United Kingdom to ban the use of laughing gas for recreational use. (17th Aug 2015)
63rd Scotland Yard are called to Eastbourne to investigate the activities of society doctor John Bodkin Adams. The case is reported around the world and press reports claim up to 400 patients may have been murdered. (17th Aug 1956)
236th A huge fireball meteor is seen across the United Kingdom as it passes over the east coast. (18th Aug 1783)
61st Brojen Das from Bangladesh swims across the English Channel in a competition, as the first Bangali as well as the first Asian to ever do it. He became first among 39 competitors. (18th Aug 1958)
84th Last service held in Mardale church in the Lake District prior to the village's flooding to create Haweswater Reservoir. (18th Aug 1935)
53rd Tay Road Bridge opens. (18th Aug 1966)
78th National Fire Service established. (18th Aug 1941)
458th An 18-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots, returns to Scotland after spending 13 years in France. (19th Aug 1561)
407th The "Samlesbury witches", three women from the Lancashire village of Samlesbury, England, are put on trial, accused for practicing witchcraft, one of the most famous witch trials in English history. (19th Aug 1612)
274th Prince Charles Edward Stuart raises his standard in Glenfinnan - the start of the Second Jacobite Rebellion, known as "the 45". (19th Aug 1745)
260th Battle of Lagos Naval battle during the Seven Year's War between Britain and France. (19th Aug 1759)
32nd Hungerford Massacre: in the United Kingdom, Michael Ryan kills sixteen people with an assault rifle and then commits suicide. (19th Aug 1987)
33rd The Privatisation of the National Bus Company begins with the first sale of a bus operating subsidiary, Devon General, in a management buyout. (19th Aug 1986)
161st Charles Darwin first publishes his theory of evolution through natural selection in The Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, alongside Alfred Russel Wallace's same theory. (20th Aug 1858)
79th British Prime Minister Winston Churchill makes the fourth of his famous wartime speeches, containing the line "Never was so much owed by so many to so few". (20th Aug 1940)
31st The Troubles: Eight British Army soldiers are killed and 28 wounded when their bus is hit by a Provisional Irish Republican Army roadside bomb in Northern Ireland (see Ballygawley bus bombing). (20th Aug 1988)
30th The pleasure boat Marchioness sinks on the River Thames following a collision, 51 people are killed. (20th Aug 1989)
7th Former Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir is found guilty on three counts of stealing millions of pounds from his company by a jury at London's Old Bailey. (20th Aug 2012)
36th Football League president Len Shipman called for the government to bring back the birch as a tactic of dealing with the growing problem of football hooliganism. (20th Aug 1983)
10th The Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill grants release to the convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds. (20th Aug 2009)
25th Huddersfield Town move into their new all-seater Alfred McAlpine Stadium. (20th Aug 1994)
75th American Liberty ship SS Richard Montgomery is wrecked off the Nore in the Thames Estuary with around 1,400 tonnes of explosives on board, never recovered. (20th Aug 1944)
155th John Alexander Reina Newlands produces the first periodic table of the chemical elements. (20th Aug 1864)
8th A pilot died when an RAF Red Arrows aeroplane crashed at the Bournemouth Air Festival following a display. (20th Aug 2011)
41st gunmen open fire on an Israeli El Al airline bus in London. (20th Aug 1978)
151st Abergele train disaster kills 32 passengers and a fireman. (20th Aug 1868)
330th The Battle of Dunkeld in Scotland. (21st Aug 1689)
249th James Cook formally claims eastern Australia for Great Britain, naming it New South Wales. (21st Aug 1770)
3rd The chimes of Big Ben fall silent as a four-year renovation of the building begins. (21st Aug 2016)
1454th St. Columba reports seeing a monster in Loch Ness, Scotland. (22nd Aug 0565)
881st Battle of the Standard between Scotland and England. (22nd Aug 1138)
534th The Battle of Bosworth Field, the death of Richard III and the end of the House of Plantagenet. (22nd Aug 1485)
377th Charles I calls the English Parliament traitors. The English Civil War begins. (22nd Aug 1642)
239th James Cook's ship HMS Resolution returns to England (Cook having been killed on Hawaii during the voyage). (22nd Aug 1780)
87th The BBC first experiments with television broadcasting (22nd Aug 1932)
34th Manchester Air Disaster sees 55 people killed when a fire breaks out on a commercial aircraft at Manchester Airport. (22nd Aug 1985)
31st New licensing laws allow pubs to stay open all day in England and Wales. (22nd Aug 1988)
55th Match of the Day first airs on BBC Two television. (22nd Aug 1964)
34th 55 people are killed in the Manchester air disaster at Manchester International Airport when a British Airtours Boeing 737 burst into flames after the pilot aborts the takeoff. (22nd Aug 1985)
4th An RAF Hawker Hunter crashes into vehicles on the A27 near Shoreham in West Sussex during the Shoreham Airshow; eleven people are killed and fourteen injured. (22nd Aug 2015)
33rd John Stalker, deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester police, is cleared of misconduct over allegations of associating with criminals (22nd Aug 1986)
278th George Frideric Handel starts work on the oratorio Messiah in London to a libretto compiled by Charles Jennens. (22nd Aug 1741)
31st New licensing laws allow pubs to stay open all day in England and Wales. (22nd Aug 1988)
601st Hundred Years' War: English capture Cherbourg. (22nd Aug 1418)
714th Sir William Wallace is executed for High Treason at Smithfield in London. (23rd Aug 1305)
369th Colonel George Monck of the English Army forms Monck's Regiment of Foot, which will later become the Coldstream Guards. (23rd Aug 1650)
244th King George III declares that the American colonies exist in a state of open and avowed rebellion. (23rd Aug 1775)
180th The United Kingdom captures Hong Kong as a base as it prepares for war with Qing China. The ensuing 3-year conflict will later be known as the First Opium War. (23rd Aug 1839)
161st The Round Oak rail accident occurs in Brierley Hill in the Black Country, England. It is 'Arguably the worst disaster ever to occur on British railways'. (23rd Aug 1858)
146th Albert Bridge in Chelsea, London opened. (23rd Aug 1873)
98th British airship R-38 experiences structural failure over Hull in England and crashes in the Humber estuary. Of her 49 British and American training crew, only 4 survive. (23rd Aug 1921)
81st English cricketer Len Hutton sets a world record for the highest individual Test innings of 364, during a Test match against Australia. (23rd Aug 1938)
75th Freckleton Air Disaster - A United States Army Air Forces B-24 Liberator bomber crashes into a school in Freckleton, England killing 61 people. (23rd Aug 1944)
819th King John of England marries Isabella of Angouleme in Bordeaux Cathedral. (24th Aug 1200)
804th Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta invalid. (24th Aug 1215)
411th The first official English representative to India lands in Surat. (24th Aug 1608)
357th The Act of Uniformity requires England to accept the Book of Common Prayer. (24th Aug 1662)
205th British troops invade Washington, D.C. and burn down the White House and several other buildings. (24th Aug 1814)
188th Charles Darwin is asked to travel on HMS Beagle. (24th Aug 1831)
144th Captain Matthew Webb became first person to swim the English Channel (24th Aug 1875)
88th Resignation of the United Kingdom's Second Labour Government. Formation of the UK National Government. (24th Aug 1931)
70th The treaty creating NATO goes into effect. (24th Aug 1949)
21st First RFID human implantation tested in the United Kingdom. (24th Aug 1998)
482nd The Honourable Artillery Company, the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most senior, is formed. (24th Aug 1537)
80th Emergency Powers (Defence) Act 1939 gives full authority to 'defence regulations'. Parliament recalled, Army reservists called up and Civil Defence workers placed on alert. (24th Aug 1939)
4th British IT consultant Chris Norman is awarded the Legion d'Honneur, France's highest decoration, for his bravery in the 2015 Thalys train attack in France. (24th Aug 2015)
53rd Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is first staged, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. (24th Aug 1966)
80th The United Kingdom and Poland form a military alliance in which the UK promises to defend Poland in case of invasion by a foreign power. (25th Aug 1939)
96th Maine Road football stadium, one of the largest sports stadiums in Britain, opens in Moss Side, Manchester, as the new home of Manchester City. (25th Aug 1923)
41st U.S. Army Sergeant Walter Robinson "walks" across the English Channel in 11 hours 30 minutes, using homemade water shoes. (25th Aug 1978)
673rd Hundred Years' War: the military supremacy of the English longbow over the French combination of crossbow and armoured knights is established at the Battle of Crécy. (26th Aug 1346)
251st Captain James Cook sets sail from England on board HMS Endeavour. (26th Aug 1768)
106th Dublin Lock-out: Members of James Larkin's Irish Transport and General Workers' Union begin strike action in defiance of the dismissal of trade union members by Dublin United Tramways. (26th Aug 1913)
30th Betteshanger, the last colliery in Kent, closes,[27] signalling the end of the Kent Coalfield after 93 years. (26th Aug 1989)
130th The Prevention of Cruelty to, and Protection of, Children Act for the first time imposes criminal penalties to deter child abuse. (26th Aug 1889)
24th Middlesbrough F.C. move into their new 30,000-seat Riverside Stadium, to replace Ayresome Park which had been their home since 1903. (26th Aug 1995)
83rd Signing of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty which requires the withdrawal of British troops and recognises Egypt as a sovereign state. (26th Aug 1936)
91st in Paisley, May Donoghue finds the remains of a snail in her ginger beer, leading to the landmark negligence case Donoghue v. Stevenson. (26th Aug 1928)
847th Henry the Young King and Margaret of France are crowned as junior king and queen of England. (27th Aug 1172)
40th A Provisional IRA bomb kills Louis Mountbatten and three others while they are boating on holiday in Sligo, Republic of Ireland. Shortly after, 18 British Army soldiers are killed in an ambush near Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland (27th Aug 1979)
64th Guinness Book of Records first published (27th Aug 1955)
203rd Britain and the Netherlands bombard Algiers in an attempt to suppress slavery by the North African Barbary states. (27th Aug 1816)
3rd Over 230 people are treated in hospital for minor ailments following a suspected chemical leak at a beach at Birling Gap, East Sussex. (27th Aug 2016)
379th Second Bishop's War: King Charles I's English army loses to a Scottish Covenanter force at the Battle of Newburn. (28th Aug 1640)
186th The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 receives Royal Assent, abolishing slavery through most the British Empire. (28th Aug 1833)
105th World War I: the Royal Navy defeats the German fleet in the Battle of Heligoland Bight. (28th Aug 1914)
23rd Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales divorce. (28th Aug 1996)
16th An electricity blackout cuts off power to around 500,000 people living in south east England and brings 60% of London's underground rail network to a halt. (28th Aug 2003)
230th William Herschel discovers Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. (28th Aug 1789)
669th Battle of Winchelsea (or Les Espagnols sur Mer): The English naval fleet under King Edward III defeats a Castilian fleet of 40 ships. (29th Aug 1350)
188th Michael Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction. (29th Aug 1831)
89th The last 36 remaining inhabitants of St Kilda are voluntarily evacuated to other parts of Scotland. (29th Aug 1930)
69th Korean War: British troops arrive in Korea to bolster the US presence there. (29th Aug 1950)
36th ITV launches Blockbusters, a gameshow hosted by Bob Holness and featuring sixth formers as its contestants. (29th Aug 1983)
31st 14-year-old Matthew Sadler becomes Britain's youngest international chess master. (29th Aug 1988)
45th Thames Valley Police broke up the Windsor Free Festival. (29th Aug 1974)
33rd Britain's oldest twins, May and Marjorie Chavasse, celebrate their 100th birthday. (29th Aug 1986)
53rd The Beatles play their very last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. (29th Aug 1966)
28th Rioting breaks out in Leeds and Cardiff. (29th Aug 1991)
28th Princess Diana attends the funeral of Adrian Ward-Jackson, her friend who died of AIDS earlier this month. (29th Aug 1991)
61st Project Emily: The first United States Thor missile is delivered to the UK, for operation by No. 77 Squadron RAF at RAF Feltwell. (29th Aug 1958)
228th HMS Pandora sinks after having run aground on a reef the previous day. (30th Aug 1791)
220th The entire Dutch fleet is captured by British forces under the command of Sir Ralph Abercromby and Admiral Sir Charles Mitchell during the Second Coalition of the French Revolutionary Wars. (30th Aug 1799)
95th Britain accepts the Dawes Plan for receiving German war reparations. (30th Aug 1924)
80th Evacuation of children from major UK cities begins. (30th Aug 1939)
130th Official opening of Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Sorting Office in London. (30th Aug 1889)
43rd 100 police officers and 60 carnival-goers are injured during riots at the Notting Hill Carnival. (30th Aug 1976)
78th First official 'Shetland bus' clandestine mission using Norwegian fishing boats between Shetland and German-occupied Norway. (30th Aug 1941)
61st Notting Hill race riots in London. (30th Aug 1958)
61st Southern Television, the ITV franchise for South Central and South East England goes on the air. (30th Aug 1958)
101st strike of 20,000 London policemen with demands of increased pay and union recognition. (30th Aug 1918)
597th King Henry V of England dies of dysentery while in France. His son, Henry VI becomes King of England at the age of 9 months. (31st Aug 1422)
131st Mary Ann Nichols is murdered. She is the first of Jack the Ripper's confirmed victims. (31st Aug 1888)
25th The Provisional Irish Republican Army declares a ceasefire. (31st Aug 1994)
22nd Diana, Princess of Wales, her companion Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul die in a car crash in Paris. (31st Aug 1997)
9th The last episode of The Bill, the longest-running police procedural television series in the United Kingdom, is aired on ITV1. (31st Aug 2010)
106th Dublin Lock-out: The Dublin Metropolitan Police kill one demonstrator and injure 400 in dispersing a demonstration in Sackville Street. (31st Aug 1913)
31st Postal workers walk out on strike over a dispute concerning bonuses paid to recruit new workers in London and the South East. (31st Aug 1988)
304th Opening of Old Dock, Liverpool, the world's first enclosed commercial wet dock. (31st Aug 1715)
8th Mobile Internet use reached 50% in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics. (31st Aug 2011)
73rd League football resumes, having been suspended during World War II. (31st Aug 1946)



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