Exhibition: Cancer Revolution: Science, innovation and hope

This exhibition runs from Wed, 25th May 2022 to Sat, 31st Dec 2022. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

10th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)
11th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)
12th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)
13th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)
14th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)
17th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)
18th Aug 2022  
(10am - 6pm)

Cost: Free of Charge

This world-first, object-rich exhibition reveals the past, present and future of how cancer is prevented, detected and treated.

With over 100 objects and numerous personal accounts, the exhibition brings to life the stories of people affected by cancer, together with those who study and treat it, revealing how researchers, clinicians, policymakers and patients are fuelling progress in a powerful expression of shared hope.

Among the 125 objects and 30 personal stories included in the exhibition is an incredible object, the first dinosaur bone tumour to be identified, on display in the UK for the very first time. The history of cancer treatment is also explored, with visitors able to see the Radium teletherapy apparatus used at London’s Westminster Hospital in the 1930s by Ernest and Frank Carling. On display for the first time in 60 years, it was used as part of the first alternative treatment to surgery that could visibly shrink and treat tumours.

From busting myths about the causes of cancer and revealing how the disease isn’t unique to humans, to exploring how the latest cancer science, early detection technologies and immunotherapies are advancing cancer care today, Cancer Revolution: Science, innovation and hope shows the incredible progress we have made in understanding this disease and highlights the important challenges that are still to be solved.

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