Exhibition: Stir It Up - Paddington Printshop Posters 1974 -1990

This exhibition runs from Sat, 14th Sep 2019 to Sun, 22nd Sep 2019. See all dates

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Cost: Free of Charge

This show features work by one of the first and most acclaimed print studios active in 1970's and 80's London, in an area famed for its rich cultural mix. Founded in 1974 by John Phillips and Pippa Smith, Paddington Printshop produced some of the most vibrant activist posters of the time. Working from a small studio, the artists made posters with local musicians, community organisations, housing campaigners, and anyone who cared to drop by.

As unemployed artists, they were members of a mixed and bohemian community in a rundown area. Poor housing, poverty, racial confrontation and harsh policing were experienced locally and the Printshop teams worked to produce art and design from within the community. This was an attractive position for young artists at the time - some were rebelling against the commodification of art. Without patronage, secure arts funding and powerful clients, there was freedom to produce work often more akin to fine art than commercial design, and at times painterly rather than graphic.

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