Exhibition: Orchids

This exhibition runs from Sat, 8th Feb 2020 to Sun, 8th Mar 2020. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

18th Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)
19th Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)
20th Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)
21st Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)
22nd Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)
23rd Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)
24th Feb 2020  
(10am - 4:15pm)

Cost: £13.75

Kew Gardens’ 25th annual orchid festival will celebrate the incredible wildlife and vibrant culture of Indonesia – an archipelago of more than 17,504 islands, including Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Papua and Bali. Indonesia’s landscape is as diverse as the flora and fauna that inhabit it, from tropical rainforests to spectacular volcanos.

Stepping into the Princess of Wales Conservatory, visitors will find themselves transported to an entrancing paradise evoking some of the sights, smells and sounds of Indonesia. To capture a glimpse of the wonders of this vast region, the orchid festival at Kew Gardens will be an immersive journey through the different zones of the glasshouse, where visitors will find spectacularly beautiful orchid displays which each represent an aspect of Indonesian wildlife and culture.

As they explore the festival, visitors will encounter life-sized animals decorated with hundreds of tropical flowers, in celebration of Indonesia’s rich diversity of fauna. Bright orange orangutans, a crouching tiger and a rhinoceros are just some of the creatures that will star in the show. An erupting volcano created from orchids will form a dramatic central pond display; Indonesia has over 100 active volcanos. Elsewhere, an archway made up of hundreds of carnivorous pitcher plants will delight and intrigue visitors in equal measure.

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