Things to do in London in April 2021

The ianVisits guide to April's unusual events, tours, lectures and exhibitions happening around London.

Coronavirus: Events may be cancelled and venues closed at short notice, you are advised to check on their websites before making a trip.

Thursday 1st April

Online events / webinars

Join Ginny Smith as she explores the remarkable world of neurotransmitters, chemicals inside each of us that touch every aspect of our life.
12:30pm to 1:30pm
Overloaded: how your brain chemicals influence your life
What can institutions such as Universities, The Inns, The City, and Gresham do to reach out to students who may not have professionals in their family to open their eyes to their potential and the legal profession?
6pm to 7pm
Diversity in the Legal Profession
Join Dr David Bramwell to uncover what drives some to con, deceive and pull pranks and explore the changing role of the trickster over time
7:30pm to 9pm
In the Realm of the Dark Rabbit: A Comic Lecture by David Bramwell

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Friday 2nd April

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Saturday 3rd April

Online events / webinars

An online workshop where we’ll be looking at how to grow food in small urban spaces - from balconies to window ledges and windowsills.
2pm to 4pm
Workshop: Growing Food on a Windowsill
A tour of the atmospheric style of cinema and theatre auditorium around the world.
5:30pm to 7pm
Celebrating Atmospheric Theatres - Gardens of Dreams

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Sunday 4th April

A beautiful historic parkland designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown with Edwardian gardens in Reigate, Surrey.
1pm to 5pm
Monthly open day at Gatton Park
A one acre garden restored to its original 1920s design.
2pm to 4pm
Visit a garden - Shieling (Kingswood)

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Monday 5th April

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Tuesday 6th April

Online events / webinars

In this talk, Rory Fraser will take us on an illustrated journey across England as he unearths the stories behind these often-overlooked architectural gems.
6:30pm to :
Follies: An Architectural Journey
Planning & Heritage Expert, Alec Forshaw examines the appalling history of bad planning decisions in Spitalfields.
7pm to :
A catalogue of planning disasters in Spitalfields
Join Deanna Petherbridge to explore European witchcraft from the ancient world to present day through a rich survey of images
7:30pm to 9pm
Deanna Petherbridge on Witches & Wicked Bodies: An Illustrated Zoom Lecture
Gavin Bowyer tells the story of East Dulwich’s Friern Manor Farm Estate.
8pm to 9pm
he Heiress and the Hussar: a history of the Friern Estate in East Dulwich

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Wednesday 7th April

Online events / webinars

Get a taste of the Royal College of Physicians fascinating 500-year history and award-winning architecture in a live virtual guided tour.
1pm to 1:30pm
RCP live virtual guided taster tour
Martin Sheppard, author and historian will relate some of the lesser known tales of Primrose Hill.
6pm to 7pm
An Amusing History of Primrose Hill
Michael Hall examines the reasons why Queen Victoria commissioned a mausoleum for herself and Prince Albert in 1862.
6:30pm to 2pm
The origins and sources of the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore
A talk highlighting the importance of pollinators in cities led by a leading pollination expert.
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Bees in cities: an introduction to urban pollinators with Jeff Ollerton
A virtual walking tour down the secret, historic passageways in the Square Mile
7pm to 8pm
City of London Alleys -  Look Up London Virtual Walking Tour

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Thursday 8th April

Online events / webinars

Get a sneak peek of Japan House London’s next exhibition MAKING NUNO: Japanese Textile Innovation from Sudō Reiko.
12pm to 1pm
Making Nuno
Join the Ri's Jemma for an amazing journey into the science of light.
5pm to 5:50pm
Light it up!
An interview with two nurses on the nursing experience of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.
5:30pm to 7pm
Nursing a Pandemic: Leading Through Covid-19
Join Professor Brian Cox as he talks to scientists working at the forefront of research into long Covid, and campaigners with personal experience of the devastating effect it can have on lives.
6pm to 7pm
Long Covid: What can we learn?
Suzanne Bardgett Head of Research at the Imperial War Museum will talk about the research her book about the Imperial War Museum’s paintings of London commissioned during the Second World War
6:30pm to :
Wartime Paintings in London
A discussion about the history, the legacy and the thorny issue of restitution.
7pm to 8pm
Benin City, Burning
An overview of King James I (VI)'s influential book on witchcraft.
8pm to :
The Demonology of King James

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Friday 9th April

Online events / webinars

Join Dr Robert Lyman as he compares the deep operations conducted in Burma during the Second World War, and examines why some special forces groups are better remembered than others.
12pm to 1pm
 Deep Operations and Strategic Effect in the Burma Campaign, 1942-45
Discover the extraordinary story of how and why the office of Prime Minister has endured longer than any other democratic political office in world history.
2pm to 3pm
Impossible Office? The history of the British prime minister, 1721–2021
Joined by performer and current RuPaul's Drag Race star Tia Kofi, we'll explore the lineage of drag, and the people who lived it as part of our ongoing LGBTQ+ history.
7pm to 8:30pm
Dragged Through History 2

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Saturday 10th April

A beautiful country cottage style garden, designed by Sam Aldridge of Eden Restored.
2pm to 5pm
South Croydon
Visit a garden - 11 West Hill (South Croydon)

Online events / webinars

A virtual workshop where we will be sharing our top tips and tricks to get your growing herbs this spring.
11am to 1pm
Workshop: Growing Your Own Herbs
Take part in our Virtual Chatterbooks session! We are reading Hilary McKay’s beautiful and spell-binding novel about magic, family, and old house and a mysterious visitor, The Time of Green Magic
11am to 12pm
Chelsea Chatterbooks - Virtual Session

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Sunday 11th April

Diverse garden dominated by a gigantic perry pear forming part of one of the East Dulwich orchards.
1pm to 5pm
Forest Hill
Visit a garden - 39 Wood Vale (Forest Hill)
A beautiful country cottage style garden, designed by Sam Aldridge of Eden Restored.
2pm to 5pm
South Croydon
Visit a garden - 11 West Hill (South Croydon)

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Monday 12th April

Online events / webinars

City Guide Courtney Plank leads a virtual walk through the Barbican, looking at the very different churches of St Giles Cripplegate, St Botolph without Aldersgate and Jewin Welsh Church.
2pm to 3:15pm
Churches of the Barbican
This lecture looks at Humphry Repton’s work for the Quaker gun manufacturer Samuel Galton Junior at his estate at Warley Woods, Birmingham.
6pm to 7:30pm
Other Voices in Garden History -  Guns and Roses
Come to the forest, sit by the fireside and listen to intoxicating song, as Sam Lee tells the story of the nightingale.
7:30pm to 9pm
The Nightingale: A Zoom Talk by Sam Lee

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Tuesday 13th April

Online events / webinars

In the seventeenth century Oxfordshire was home to two remarkable gardens that shared a reliance on technology to indulge the enthusiasms of their owners and impress their visitors.
10am to 11:30am
Garden Archaeology - Oxfordshire’s Lost Wonders
An update on the key trends and challenges at universities across London, exploring the new campus developments.
10am to 11am
Excavations within the Great Kitchen of Westminster Abbey. Lecture by Joe Brooks, Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Excavations within the Great Kitchen of Westminster Abbey
Landscape architect Kim Wilkie will trace this development through looking at some of the projects he has worked on.
6:30pm to :
The English Landscape Revolution
Join Naomi Oreskes as she explores what we need to consider when we want people to trust the science.
7pm to 8pm
Why trust science?
Oliver Caroe, surveyor of St Paul’s Cathedral, discusses his descent from the Victorian and Edwardian architect W. D. Caroe.
7pm to 9pm
The Caroe Dynasty: a family and its home over four generations

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Wednesday 14th April

Online events / webinars

At the 550th anniversary Lester Hillman, explores the victors and vanquished, the dramas and the tragedies including the perspectives of City commentators like Shakespeare, writing a century later.
2pm to 3pm
Roses Round the Door
This lecture pursues the gift of Gothic to later novelists, seeing how great Victorian novelists like Emily Brontë, Charlotte Brontë and Charles Dickens were entranced by the supernatural.
6pm to 7pm
Fiction and the Supernatural
Come and enjoy a talk on the eventful life and career of the late, great and quintessentially British film star David Niven.
6:30pm to 7:30pm
David Niven - soldier turned movie star
Join art director and movie poster designer, Art Sims, to discover how he captures the essence of a 90 minute feature film in one frame image to get a person excited to see it in the 10 second window that they are likely to see the printed image.
7pm to 8:30pm
Are movie posters artwork?
In this talk Dr Susan Kay-Williams will reveal some of The Royal School of Needlework's visitors from Queen Victoria herself to foreign heads of state.
7pm to 8:15pm
The RSN’s Warm Welcome: 150 Years of Royal Visitors
Join Alison Weir as she discusses the fifth novel in her Six Tudor Queens series, Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen.
7:30pm to 1am
Meet the Author: Alison Weir, Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen

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Thursday 15th April

A notice that the Thames Barrier and the Barking Barrier will have their monthly test closures today.
9:30am to 1pm
Thames and Barking barrier monthly closures

Online events / webinars

A talk about the challenges of deploying new technology and examine the balance between investing in new innovation and maintaining existing technology all while securing the trust of customers.
2:30pm to :
Cash and Dash: How ATMs and Computers Changed Banking
See examples of historic repairs to documents and learn why it is important for conservators to study old repairs.
4pm to 5pm
Repairs and Treatments Through Time
Rebecca Earle traces the history of the potato from the Andes to everywhere, revealing the ways in which our ideas about eating are entangled with the emergence of capitalism and why we have such an ambivalent relationship with government dietary guidelines.
6pm to 7pm
Why history? Feeding the people
As we begin to think about renewing and rebuilding in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, how can the humanities help?
6pm to 7pm
Join Chanda Prescod-Weinstein on a journey into the world of particle physics and the cosmos
7pm to 8pm
The disordered cosmos
Joining us from Chicago, Lehrer speaks with Audrey Niffenegger about her memoir Golem Girl, an extraordinary story of tenacity and creativity.
7pm to 8pm
Golem Girl
A talk will provide the audience with a fresh approach to designing and planting their gardens along with a host of tips on rejuvenating tired plants, lawns and patios.
7:30pm to 8:45pm
Revive your garden in 2021: breathing life, style and good-health into your garden

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Friday 16th April

Online events / webinars

John Professor Murray Pittock as he discusses the battle and its legacy.
12pm to 1pm
Great Battles: Culloden
In this talk Chaucer enthusiasts Euan Roger and Henry Eliot dig deeper into the true story of Chaucer’s life, discussing the people and places that inspired his work.
2pm to 3pm
The Poet's Tale: Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales

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Saturday 17th April

Five gardens in a housing estate only open to the public through the National Garden Scheme.
10am to 4pm
Visit a garden - Hyde Park Estate Gardens (Paddington)

Online events / webinars

A talk about the oldest botanic garden in Britain, now in its 400th year.
10:30am to 12pm
University of Oxford Botanic Garden - 400 years of gardening and botany
Get a taste of the Royal College of Physicians fascinating 500-year history and award-winning architecture in a live virtual guided tour.
1pm to 1:30pm
RCP live virtual guided taster tour
Museums are full of the belongings of the dead! Come and see some remarkable objects and hear some incredible stories.
7pm to 8:15pm
Death in the British Museum

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Sunday 18th April

A 70ft garden with trees, evergreen structure, perennial flowers and grasses.
12pm to 5pm
Kingston Upon Thames
Visit a garden - 7 Woodbines Avenue (Kingston-upon-Thames)
This 100m-long unique and award winning garden is home to the Corokia National Collection along with a great number of other unusual plants.
1:30pm to 5:30pm
Muswell Hill
Visit a garden - 33 Wood Vale (Highgate)
Front gardens in this pretty cobbled cul-de-sac of terraced houses, overlooking Thornhill Road Gardens in the heart of Barnsbury.
2:30pm to 5:30pm
Visit a garden - Malvern Terrace Gardens (Islington)

Online events / webinars

Mike Jay is the author of Mescaline – a Global History - A definitive history of mescaline that explores its mind-altering effects across cultures, from ancient America to Western modernity.
8pm to 10pm
Mike Jay on Mescaline & Art

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Monday 19th April

Online events / webinars

Film featuring two former Foundling Hospital pupils talking about life at the school during WW2.
6pm to 7pm
Memories of the Foundling Hospital
A talk about the investigative journalism group, Bellingcat.
6:30pm to 8pm
Bellingcat – The Citizen Intelligence Agency
Historic graffiti tell stories of the hopes, fears and desires of a nation echoing through time - here is their tale.
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Historic graffiti - their hidden story - with James Wright

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Tuesday 20th April

Online events / webinars

Head gardener, Lucy Hart explores the winding history of the Fulham Palace wisteria, one of the oldest in London.
2pm to 3pm
A winding history: the Fulham Palace wisteria
A presentation on the works that prepared the site for the HS2 tunnel boring machines at the Chiltern tunnel.
5pm to 6:30pm
HS2 MWCC Contract C1 - Chiltern Tunnel Enabling Works
Join SAVE Britain's Heritage and architect and TV presenter George Clarke for a special live online lecture.
6pm to 7pm
SAVE Lecture with George Clarke: The Restoration Warriors of Britain
In this lecture we will look at a bit of internet history, show how it works now and look towards the future.
6pm to 7pm
Networks: The Internet and Beyond
Let cultural historian Adam Endacott take you through the career of one of Britain's most beloved comics, Kenneth Williams
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Stop Messin’ About! Kenneth Williams : a comic and his roots
Join NASA geneticist Christopher E Mason as he argues we have a moral duty to explore other planets and solar systems
7pm to 8:30pm
The next 500 years
Curator Lauren Stephenson will delve into the rich history of the globally important Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire.
7pm to 10pm
Ordinary Lives with Extraordinary Impacts: The C19th Ironbridge Gorge
City guide Julian Romain presents a history of the Lord Mayor of London.
7pm to 8:30pm
The History of the Lord Mayoralty of London
Dear England is a letter to the country, from the Archbishop of York, on why the Christian narrative still makes sense today Join the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop
7pm to 8pm
Dear England - An Online Event with Stephen Cottrell

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Wednesday 21st April

Online events / webinars

Speakers from London and Chicago will discuss how tall buildings and the zero-carbon agenda affect both cities.
2pm to 3:30pm
London and Chicago in conversation: tall buildings and the zero-carbon agenda
This talk by Andrew Lane explores the discovery, conservation and form of this important public building and examines how in a little over thirty years new excavations have transformed our knowledge of the area.
2pm to 3pm
The Discovery of London’s Roman Amphitheatre
This lecture asks how it came to emerge over the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, tracing its roots in the Reformation and showing how political chance and the traumas of civil war led to its slow and improbable ascent to dominance.
6pm to 7pm
England‘s Anglican Reformation
This lecture traces the extraordinary story of the Brooke Rajahs through the heraldry of the family and the state during the period and into modern times.
6:30pm to 8pm
The Scriveners Company Lecture: Heraldry of the Brooke Rajahs of Sarawak
This lecture explores the City of London's long and complex relationship with the Monarch and Royal Family
7pm to 8pm
The City of London's relationship with the Monarch and Royal Family
Join Dr Stephen Asma, author of "On Monsters", as he examines the human condition by looking at what scares us most
7:30pm to 9pm
The Philosophy of Monsters: An Illustrated Lecture by Dr Stephen Asma

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Thursday 22nd April

Online events / webinars

This illustrated lecture marks 150 years since Dickens’s death by reflecting on the nature of his creative genius and his legacy.
1pm to 2pm
Dickens's Public Readings: A Tale of Two Desks
A Zoom talk presented by award-winning storyteller Vanessa Woolf on the mystical life of Dr Dee including his links with Fulham Palace
5:30pm to 6:30pm
The Secret Journey of Dr Dee
A discussion on the plan to restore Bennerley Viaduct and create an exciting new public space.
6pm to :
Health, Heritage and Wellbeing at Bennerley Viaduct
This lecture will explore the current and future scope of the law of incitement to religious hatred in light of our long and troubled history of dealing with religious speech.
6pm to 7pm
Is Incitement to Religious Hatred The New Blasphemy?
Newspaper reports and a few photographs in the museum archive reveal that the house was squatted, but who were the squatters and was the building experienced at that time?
6:30pm to 8pm
Hidden Histories: Squatting and Raves at Dorich House
An online talk about historic graffiti located in Southwark Cathedral
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Stories in Stone : Southwark Cathedral's Historic Graffiti
Miles will discuss his life and work, from the changing landscape of advertising to his lifelong support of the arts.
6:30pm to 7:30pm
A Capital Feast – the history of London’s most famous food and drink emporiums from breakfast tea to after-dinner
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Food and Drink Emporiums of London with Joanna Moncrieff
On the eleventh anniversary of the burial of Malcolm McLaren in Highgate's East Cemetery, a talk about his life and work.
7pm to :
This talk will look at four shortlisted entries in Highgate Cemetery’s ‘landscape masterplan’ competition.
7:30pm to 9pm
Highgate Cemetery: a historic cemetery for the 21st century

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Friday 23rd April

London’s West End galleries mark the re-opening of the art world with a special spring edition of The Mayfair Art Weekend Gallery HOP! on 23 April
5pm to 8pm
Post-lockdown West End Gallery HOP!

Online events / webinars

Join historian Andrew Salmon MBE as he marks the 70th anniversary of the bloodiest battle fought by UK troops since the Second World War.
12pm to 1pm
Battle of the Imjin River
Julie Attenborough and Lisa Reynolds share the stories of nurses who have challenged the status quo throughout history.
5:30pm to 6:30pm
Nurses That Roared: From Suffrage to Civil and Patient Rights
In this talk, Sue Stuart-Smith, a distinguished psychiatrist and avid gardener offers an inspiring and consoling work about the healing effects of gardening and its ability to decrease stress and foster mental well-being in our everyday lives.
6:30pm to 8pm
The Gardening Mind

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Saturday 24th April

Rummage through a selection of salvaged treasures from 30 handpicked vintage traders.
11am to 6pm
Stoke Newington
Hackney Flea Market

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Sunday 25th April

From shade specialists to plants for pollinators, meet the growers and pick their brains on what will flourish in your garden, balcony or allotment.
10:30am to 5pm
Spring Plant Fair 2021
Rummage through a selection of salvaged treasures from 30 handpicked vintage traders.
11am to 6pm
Stoke Newington
Hackney Flea Market
Spectacular in spring, when 2000 tulips bloom among Camellias, irises and tree peonies.
12pm to 5pm
Visit a garden - 51 The Chase (Clapham Common)
London’s smallest botanical garden, densely planted with 500 labelled species grown in themed borders.
1pm to 5pm
Herne Hill
Visit a garden - South London Botanical Institute (Tulse Hill)
A woodland garden at its peak in spring, with rhododendrons, flowering dogwoods, early roses, bulbs, ferns and rare exotics.
2pm to 6pm
Notting Hill
Visit a garden - Arundel & Ladbroke Gardens (Notting Hill)
This garden will surprise you with its unexpected length (160ft) and beautiful individual ‘rooms’ on different levels.
2pm to 6pm
New Cross
Visit a garden - 101 Pepys Road (New Cross)

Online events / webinars

Karen Averby reflects on the architecture and design from this golden age of hotel building and shares stories from her research of the people associated with these fashionable places.
3pm to 4:15pm

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Monday 26th April

Online events / webinars

City Guide Jill Finch’s talk look back at that history and at the street today. From literary lions to waxworks and a pub that crossed the road, Fleet Street still has a tale or two to tell.
2pm to 3pm
Fleet Street : Written in Stone
Join Dr Brett Kahr to learn what Freud—having lived through WWI, the Spanish Flu, and Nazi occupation—can teach us in this new pandemic
8pm to 9:30pm
Freud’s Pandemics: A Live Zoom Lecture with Professor Brett Kahr

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Tuesday 27th April

Online events / webinars

This talk is the fourth in our online series exploring current archaeology with a 17th century bias on Tues @ 10 from April 6th
10am to 11:30am
Garden Archaeology - The Water Garden at Packwood
The Green Man: A review of the many theories that attempt to explain his origin and meaning.
2pm to 3pm
The Green Man: The Carving & The Debate
Dr Anjna Chouhan examines Shakespeare’s contradictory narratives of the sea.
5:15pm to 6:30pm
A Sea of Troubles: Shakespeare’s Narratives of the Sea
The story of Westminster before 1512
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Rediscovering the Medieval Palace of Westminster
Using many unpublished illustrations, historian Philip Mansel shows that Napoleon was not, as Hegel called him ‘the world soul on horseback’, but above all a monarch.
6:30pm to :
Napoleon I: Emperor and King
The Cosmic Shambles Network are hosting a night at the Royal Institution to celebrate the 'Father of the Nuclear Age', Ernest Rutherford.
7pm to 8:30pm
Rutherford, radioactivity and the future of physics
Learn all about the remarkable Pinwill sisters who worked as professional woodcarvers in Victorian Ermington and then Plymouth.
7pm to 10pm
From ‘Lady Woodcarvers’ to Professionals: The Remarkable Pinwill Sisters
Dave Goulson will explain why insects are in decline, and suggest how we can all help to tackle this crisis, by turning our gardens and urban greenspaces into oases for life.
7pm to 8:30pm
Why our Gardens should change- Adapting our Gardens for Insects

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Wednesday 28th April

Online events / webinars

Join senior curator Lowri Jones for a virtual tour around the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Museum new online exhibition RCP Unseen.
12pm to 1pm
RCP Unseen: lunchtime curator talk
To celebrate the release of Simply Raymond: Recipes from Home, the official cookbook to the ITV series, coming out on 29th April.
6:30pm to :
Elain Harwood will talk about cinemas, seaside buildings, factories and other buildings in this most fantastic of styles.
6:30pm to :
World Art Deco Day
​​​​​​​Dr Denis Sivkov and Makar Tereshin speak on how the heritage of the Soviet space project is maintained and engaged with in regional museums across Russia.
7pm to 8:30pm
Regional Museums of Space Exploration in Russia
Amy Hare explores how hand embroidery looked to the past and to the future by creating the Art of the moment.
7pm to 8:30pm
Hand Embroidery in the 20th Century: Modernism in the RSN’s Collection

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Thursday 29th April

There will be filming and pyrotechnics in the Thames around the area of the Millenium Dome in North Greenwich.
7pm to 8:30pm

Online events / webinars

A presentation about the upgrade works to the Isle of Wight Railway.
5:30pm to 7pm
Isle of Wight Railway – Island Line Upgrade Works
Join Stephen Walker, in conversation with celebrated British travel writer Colin Thubron, as he speaks about his new book, Beyond - the history of the first human to leave our planet.
6pm to 7:30pm
On the Trail of Yuri Gagarin
A talk and recreation of how amputations used to be carried out in the Old Operating Theatre.
6pm to 7pm
Victorian Surgery Demonstration
Listen as the team delve into the horrors of surgery before the arrival of anaesthesia and antiseptics that helped pave the way to our modern medical procedures.
6pm to 7pm
Surgery and the Victorian Operating Theatre
Naomi Games will talk about her father’s work on the Festival of Britain symbol following the story from the designer’s brief, development of his ideas, to winning the competition.
6:30pm to :
Abram Games and his 1951 Festival of Britain symbol
Artist and painting conservator Ying Yang explains the significance, and skills involved, in copying the Old Masters
7pm to 8pm
Back to the Future – an artist‘s journey in search of authenticity
Pay a visit to the toilet with historians Lee Jackson and Simon Fowler as they plumb the depths of London's lavatory legacy.
7pm to 9pm
The strange history of London's loos
This talk will illuminate works by some leading figures such as ElLissitzky, Kurt Schwitters, Moholy-Nagy and Piet Zwart, as well as lesser known designers like Johannes Molzahn, Walter Dexel and Max Burchartz.
7pm to 8:30pm
Jan Tschichold and the New Typography
Once British, Always British is a collection of two 30-minute audio dramas exploring migration to British port cities by Yemeni and Indian sailors during the 1920s.
7pm to 9pm
Once British, Always British: A live audio-play experience
Simon Saville will describe Butterfly Conservation’s new “Big City Butterflies” project, which will run for four years from 2021.
7:30pm to 8:30pm
Big City Butterflies - discovering London’s wildlife

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Friday 30th April

Online events / webinars

Christine Hallett challenges some of the popular myths surrounding the allied nurses of the First World War.
12pm to 1pm
Veiled Warriors
Peter Daniel talks about the Cato Street Conspiracy, a daring plot to assassinate the British Prime Minister and his cabinet.
6:30pm to 8pm
William Davidson and the West End Job: Cato Street Conspiracy Bicentenary
Learn about one of the protagonists of the Cato Street Conspiracy, a daring plot to assassinate the British Prime Minister and his cabinet.
6:30pm to 8pm
William Davidson and the Cato Street Conspiracy
How accurate are science fiction films? Separate fact from fiction with astronomers from the Royal Observatory Greenwich
7pm to :
Science in Science Fiction

More London events on Friday 30th April

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