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What's on in London during April 2017

The IanVisits guide to unusual events, tours, lectures and exhibitions happening around London.

Saturday, 1st April

An all-day guided walking tour of the Woolwich area covering both sides of the River Thames. ( )
Visit one of the Geffrye's 18th-century almshouses which has been fully restored to its original condition. ( )

Monthly open day at one of London's more curious and delightful museums, devoted to the history of the sewing machine. ( )

Sunday, 2nd April

Step back in history and visit the terminus building of London's original international airport - in Croydon. ( )

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Tuesday, 4th April

Focussing on Richard Dawkins's, The Selfish Gene, a look at some of its core themes, the capacity of humanity to transcend its genetic limitations and predispositions. ( )

What, if anything, happened? Have we learnt all the right lessons? ( )

An evening in the Sir John Soane's Museum with the rooms lit by candles. ( )

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Wednesday, 5th April

Was the Great Fire of 1666 truly as destructive as everyone believes? ( )

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Thursday, 6th April

Faced with escalating population pressure and new construction technologies, western architects are designing cities in the skies, and under the sea. ( )

Join Amanda Harvey Purse for the launch of her new book, to hear more about the lives of these policemen, making them more real than just names mentioned within the famous case. ( )

Gillian Tindall brings her love of London history to the stories and marvels uncovered from the London soil during the Crossrail project. ( )

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Friday, 7th April

Monthly opening of the private gardens within Lambeth Palace in the heart of London. ( )

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Saturday, 8th April

These tours have been created to mark the 100th anniversary of the Johnston typeface. ( )

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Tuesday, 11th April

In this talk, Editor-at-Large of Londonist Matt Brown overturns some of the myths and misconceptions about the capital, drawing from his new book Everything You Know About London Is Wrong.  ( )

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Thursday, 20th April

Join Caroline Swan, author of the Flickering Lamps blog, to hear about 'Graveyard' Walker's work and his influence on burial practices in Victorian London. ( )

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Saturday, 22nd April

Explore this treasure-house of over 320,000 artefacts from London’s transport history and which is usually closed to the public. ( )

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Sunday, 23rd April

Explore this treasure-house of over 320,000 artefacts from London’s transport history and which is usually closed to the public. ( )

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Tuesday, 25th April

Mathematics is vital in ensuring that the lights stay on as the planners of the grid need to solve non-linear differential-algebraic equations to work out how much electricity can be generated, distributed and stored.  ( )

This talk explores the contribution that the artists, writers, film-makers and publishers Franciszka and Stefan Themerson made to literary and artistic life in Britain. ( )

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Wednesday, 26th April

Many eradication attempts have been tried and failed. This lecture will examine the opportunities and difficulties of eradication. ( )

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Thursday, 27th April

Human rights lawyer Philippe Sands will discuss his book, newly available in paperback, East West Street, which explores the creation and development of world-changing legal concepts that came about as a result of the unprecedented atrocities of Hitler’s Third Reich, with Daniel Finkelstein OBE ( )

How does it feel to live in a 'haunted home'? How do you negotiate living in a home which might be 'co-habited' by the strangest form of stranger? ( )

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Friday, 28th April

A world-premier performance of a new live musical score to accompany Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis. ( )

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Saturday, 29th April

Guided tours of the London Transport museum's archive of posters and artwork. ( )