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Tracking smartphones is helping TfL update it’s Journey Planner

Tracking how people move around tube stations by following their smartphones has lead to a number of changes to TfL's own travel guides.

Tracking smartphone Wi-Fi signals reveals curious journeys on the London Underground

A trial by TfL to track the movements of people by logging Wi-Fi identities has revealed some very curious journey patterns on the tube network.

Consequences of the “Great Snow Crisis”

My internet at home is slow today – so I checked various thingymajigs and noticed that there are about double the normal number of Wi-Fi routers switched on and in range compared to an average daytime – and all of

Laptops banned in coffee shops?

As someone who works in coffee shops a fair bit, mainly so that I don’t go stir-crazy working at home all the time, I was amused* to read this story about another blogger being told that he couldn’t use his

Why do companies take 5 days to reply to emails?

On a personal basis I can be slow to respond to private emails, mainly as my work emails get a high priority and there is an awful lot of them. I would expect any company which offered an email route