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Visiting an Underground Cold War Bunker

Dotted around the country are 25 sub-surface bunkers that were designed to monitor the fallout from a possible nuclear attack and today I wandered down to Maidstone to visit the bunker that “controlled” the South-East of England, including a bit

London’s Lost Tunnel

While tunnel affectionados will be familiar with the “Mail Rail” that runs under London, fewer know that it was in fact the second such system, and an earlier tunnel had been built to carry mail from the Post Office’s national

Lectures and exhibition on London’s Hidden Infrastructure

The ever wonderful Building Centre in London will be setting out a new exhibition from the end of next week all about “London’s Hidden Infrastructure”. 28 FEBRUARY – 19 APRIL 2008 As London’s skyline becomes ever more clustered with new

More hidden tunnels under London

I am sure you are familiar with my fascination with underground tunnels etc – and you probably know that in addition to the obvious tube network and municipal services, that there are a fair number of other tunnels under the

An old news article about the Central Line Underground Railway

I have a copy of an article published in The New York Times on March 7th 1898 which goes into detail about the construction of the first stage of what we today call the Central Line on the underground. As

The world’s second oldest underground railway?

London Underground is famously the world’s oldest underground railway – but which one came second? Well, that accolade goes to the Tünel, in Turkey’s Istanbul. It is also arguably the world’s shortest underground railway, being just 571 meters in length

Amsterdam Subway Done With Mirrors

Was checking for business news video clips for my day job and came across this clip from the Associated Press about how mirrors are being used to monitor building movements when tunneling under Amsterdam. Thought it was mildly interesting –