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Satellite radar reveals Crossrail tunnels under London

Researchers at the University of Bath have been able to use a novel form of satellite monitoring to show where Crossrail tunnels run under central London.

Watch a satellite launch via webcam

It’s a busy week space-wise, with the Space Shuttle launch yesterday and an Ariane launch on Thursday (14th May). The European space agency, Arianespace will be launching its massive Ariane 5 rocket and placing two satellites into orbit, the Herschel

Where is this?

Can you identify this bit of London architecture? Highlight the “hidden text” in the black box below for your answer. It is the Docklands Teleport, a satellite broadcast center in North Woolwich.

Watch a Satellite Launch Live

Tomorrow evening (Sat 20th Dec), it will be possible to watch a satellite launch live, as a launch of the massive Ariane 5 rocket will be taking place. Alas, it is only via the internet from South America – as