Military - Latest news, articles and photos

Military - Latest news, articles and photos

Open Day at the Army’s training Academy at Sandhurst

Not in London, but close enough to peek my interest at least, and looks interesting in several areas… the Army’s Officer training academy in Sandhurt is having an open day next month – and conveniently on a Sunday. Not just

Churchill’s other Cabinet War Rooms

Another in my periodic series on how to visit little known places. — Whilst well known in subterranean and military lore – there are few members of the general public who are aware that in addition to the infamous Cabinet

WW2 tunnels under London to be sold off

The infamous (amongst tunnel/military aficionados) tunnels under Chancery Lane are to be put up for sale at last. I have been aware that BT were working on decommissioning them for some time, and was trying to find out who was

The Honourable Artillery Company

Last night I spent a very comfortable couple of hours over at the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) in the heart of the City of London for an open evening. It was ostensibly to try and persuade people that signing up