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Timelapse video of Crossrail escalators being installed

With over half the escalators now installed in the new Elizabeth line stations, new timelapse video and photos released by Crossrail highlights current progress.

London Underground’s transparent escalator

Of the many oddities that can be found on the London Underground, one of the more curious has to be the see-through escalator.

Naked escalator porn

Photographing escalators with their tops off is a frustratingly difficult task as they tend to have a decency preserving curtain around the defrocking works that are going on. A few have been visible this weekend though. Click on photos for

100th Anniversary of the Escalator on London Underground

Tomorrow (Tue 4th Oct) marks 100 years since the first moving staircase was demonstrated on the London Underground, at Earl’s Court station to be specific. Not sure if TfL is planning to have a cake or other celebration though. There

50th anniversary of Bank Station’s travolator

You might not have noticed it, but today marks a very special anniversary on the London Underground – it is the 50th anniversary of the travelator at Bank tube station. This, not just the first moving walkway on the London

The last wooden escalator

I wandered up to Greenford in North West London this morning to have a look at one of London Underground’s little novelties. Greenford Station, on the Central Line is notable for a couple of reasons – it has the only