Fancy spending a day helping to build a tower out of cardboard, only to then tear it down the next day?

As part of a series of events later this year focusing on the architecture of the City of London, a “People’s Tower” will be built in Guildhall Yard on Saturday 20th July without cranes or machines, and with only human strength and energy.

This temporary structure will then be pulled down in a communal and celebratory demolition the following day. After it has been pulled down, the public is invited to trample and jump all over the boxes.

It’s something that’s been done in a number of cities since the idea was created back in 2011, and some of the towers are surprisingly tall for something made from cardboard.

The artist, Olivier Grossetête, can only create this structure with public participants. If you’re interested in taking part in the workshops, which will run from 15 – 19 July (times and location to be confirmed), send an email to Alice Spalding.

If you have any special needs or requirements, please let them know as well.

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