Happy New Year

NYE Fireworks

Sadly in all likelihood the last time I am able to enjoy the New Years Eve fireworks from the comfort of my own home without the hassles of standing around the cold or travelling home at 1am surrounded by drunks high on the adrenaline of the New Years Eve events.

I am not actually a huge “oh, the calendar is changing – lets have a party” sort of chap, and only stay up for the fireworks, and even then only because the bed is 10 seconds from the balcony.

But I’ll miss watching them in 365 days time – unless I get a vantage point convenient to wherever it is I end up living at the time.

I wont miss The Shard though – their NYE light show was even more of a damp squib than the laser show earlier this year – it was just a single spot light up in the air.

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