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Tuesday 28th July

Online events / webinars

Through LMA’s picture archive we will visit a London that continues to grow in size and prosperity whilst also grappling with the mixed legacy of its 19th transformation, and the urgent challenges of war.
 2pm to 3pm
Long Views of London:  Out of the Maw
Find out some odd or quirky things about the London Underground and maybe learn the answers to questions you have often wondered about.
 3pm to 4pm
Virtual Tour - Quirks and oddities of the London Underground
Was it WILBERFORCE or WILL-BY-FORCE? Genealogist Paul Crooks presents an alternative perspective of slavery and abolition in the Caribbean.
 7pm to 7:30pm
A Black & British History: the Jamaican slaves who abolished slavery

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Ten Exhibitions That Are Closing Soon

Through the medium of film and photography, this major exhibition considers how masculinity has been coded, performed, and socially constructed from the 1960s to the present day.
Masculinities - Liberation through Photography
event time 11am to 6:30pm
 Ends on Sun, 23rd Aug
The New Stone Age exhibition celebrates the sustainability, practicality and inherent beauty of stone.
 The New Stone Age
event time 9am to 6pm
 Ends on Sat, 12th Sep
The largest exhibition of his drawings for 50 years
Aubrey Beardsley
event time 11am to 6pm
 Ends on Sun, 20th Sep
Showing sculptures by Helaine Blumenfeld at Canary Wharf gives an unrivalled opportunity to view them in the context of hard interior and exterior architecture as well as carefully designed outdoor spaces amongst mature trees.
Looking Up: Helaine Blumenfeld at Canary Wharf
event time All Day
 Ends on Sun, 31st Jan 2021

Exhibitions opening soon