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A small improvement to my Listings Guide

To help in finding local events near you within the remit of the events guide I maintain, the front page of the website now comes with added map goodness. Basically, it marks all the events that are happening today, colour

An improvement (maybe?) to the listings guide

I have been pondering for a while one of the problems with how the events listings on this website operates, and I think I have come up with a sensible solution. To clarify, the listings pages has two core aims:

A weekly newsletter is launched

After a bit of a delay, I have today launched my new weekly listings guide newsletter. This is an email which will be sent out henceforth every Wednesday and lists the events occurring for the forthcoming week, starting on the

Bored at work?

One of the RSS feeds I keep an eye on is the Zoological Society of London – which is the posh name for London Zoo (and Whipsnade), mainly for keeping an eye on any events they might be having. They