Docklands - Latest news, articles and photos

Docklands - Latest news, articles and photos

Going on board the Royal Navy Frigate, HMS St Albans

As I got slightly excited about earlier this week, the public are being allowed to go on board HMS St Albans for a look around the ship today. Guided tours for residents of its namesake, St Albans are taking place

The Isle of Dogs Declares Independence from the UK

Following on from the rather dubious Mayoral election yesterday in Tower Hamlets, some people living on the Isle of Dogs (well, probably just me) might be wondering if we can be cut free from the rest of the Borough and

Climbing up the Limehouse Accumulator Tower

If you use the Docklands Light Railway, you might have noticed a rather strange octagonal tower near Limehouse that seems to be sitting in an abandoned patch of waste-land. This tower, built in 1869 conceals a hydraulic accumulator that was

A dead whale in London Docklands

Just a couple of months ago, as part of building works along the riverside in North Greenwich, builders uncovered the skeleton of a large whale that was probably killed 200-300 years ago – and it is on display in the

Four NATO warships in Docklands

My route to the shopping centre can sometimes take me over the bridge at West India Docks, and occasionally the scenery is added to by the presence of a visiting ship or two. This weekend, there are in fact four

Docklands in the Snow

Over the years since I moved into the docklands area, I have listened to people denigrating the area. Too often I am told the area lacks a “soul”, that it is full of glass and steel towers with no character

Bird’s Eye View of the London Docks in 1845

Picked up another issue of the Illustrated London News to bolster my collection – and this one had a few drawings of the London Docks including a quite famous picture of the docks shortly after the completion of the new

DLR Launches Photography Contest

I am writing about this not because I think the contest is noteworthy due to wondrous prizes, but for the sheer irony of the issues it raises. Over the years I have lived in the docklands area, I have on

On board Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior

A rather unique opportunity presents itself this weekend, and that is the chance to visit one of the more famous ships in the world – Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior. No, not the one the French sank, the other one. The ship

The DLR’s Brief History of The Docklands

Somehow missed this, but the DLR has published A Brief History of Time the Docklands as a station by station guide. The booklet, some 28 pages long gives 2-3 paragraphs to the history of the area which each station is

No to the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf Bridge

A lobby group has been pushing for a pedestrian bridge to be built linking Canary Wharf with Rotherhithe – a route currently serviced by either a ferry service or (via a short walk) the Jubilee Line. It is being reported,

Foggy London

It’s just gone incredibly foggy where I live in Docklands, and as tempted as I am to go out and take photos of fog in the evening, I am stuck indoors waiting for an email to authorise some work to

River fortifications in Elizabeathan times

A few months ago, when collecting leaflets in the (now closed) tourist board centre in Greenwich, I purchased a book of Docklands history, published by The Island History Trust – mainly as it had two maps which really caught my

Greathead shield at Bank Station

I have been meaning for absolutly ages to take a look at a little bit of London Underground heritage at Bank Station, and total thanks to problems with the Jubilee Line, I happened to be at Bank today and going

Old map of London’s Docklands

I was in the Surrey Quays shopping centre yesterday while visiting an estate agent, and just outside the toilets is a sign which shows some of the history of the area. It sometimes surprises people that the “docklands area” isn’t