Plans to rebuild the rather disheveled White Hart Lane station were submitted nearly two years ago, and works to build the new station are underway.

The rebuilding in part because, frankly it needed it, but mainly because a gigantic spaceship has landed just down the road in the form of the rebuilt football stadium, and the already overcrowded station is going to get worse.

The tiny ticket hall is to be swept away and the outdoor staircase closed as an emergency escape, as two large “sheds” are installed on other side of the platforms.

At the moment, the large shed on the southbound platform is looking rather, well, shed-like.

Two new wide staircases and the lift tower can be seen in place waiting for the hordes to arrive.

The other side of the station, the northbound, looks a lot more finished. The terracotta plant pots reflects the local history. The area used to be known for its clay pits and was a major site for the manufacturing of pots for pot plants — hence the plant pots on the walls.

It might be accused of being a cheap design by those unfamiliar with the history though.

An underpass through the existing viaduct will allow access to both sides of the railway when finally finished.

Shifting the ticket halls also releases more space along the sides of the station to handle the crowds and get them off the narrow road next to the old ticket hall entrance.

One thing that hasn’t been decided is the name of the station. Will it remain White Hart Lane, or will reports that it could be renamed after Tottenham Hotspur and their nearby stadium.

All that aside, would this gigantic and totally out of proportion building have got past the planners if it had been, say offices or homes? Seems that sports venues have a planning bypass option in place.


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2 comments on “The rebuilding of White Hart Lane station
  1. Harry says:

    The “gigantic and totally out of proportion building” you refer to at the end of your article is actually an extremely beautiful piece of architecture that fits very well into its surroundings. It contrasts beautifully with the houses in your photo and it enhances the area – improving it a thousand-fold.

  2. Samantha Rolfe says:

    The new station opened yesterday and looks fantastic! Many happy and somewhat surprised customers using it for the first time. Great to see their reaction.

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