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Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of)

Tickets currently available from 7th January 2022 to 17th April 2022

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An audacious retelling of Jane Austen’s most iconic love story.

You might have seen these young women, emptying the chamber pots and sweeping ash from the grate, but they have a story to tell. Drawing on over two-hundred years of romantic pop history, Pride and Prejudice*(*sort of) is an adaptation like no other. The overlooked and the undervalued are making sure those above stairs find their happy ending, but tonight, the servants are playing every part.

First seen at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow in 2018, Isobel McArthur's acclaimed Pride and Prejudice*(*sort of) was first produced by theatre company Blood of the Young and toured the UK in 2019, produced by the two companies and the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh.

The cast of the original Tron Theatre production will be reunited. Writer and director Isobel McArthur will once again play Darcy and Mrs Bennet, with Tori Burgess as Mr Collins, Christina Gordon as Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Jane, Hannah Jarrett-Scott as Charlotte and Charles Bingley and Meghan Tyleras Lizzie Bennet.

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Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of)

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Criterion Theatre,
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