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Only Fools And Horses

Tickets currently available from 28th October 2021 to 26th February 2022

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Only Fools And Horses is a musical comedy that takes you on a trip down memory lane.

Written by Jim Sullivan son of the show's creator and writer John Sullivan along with comedian Paul Whitehouse.

Only Fools And Horses is about Del Boy Trotter, an aspiring market trader who lives in Peckham and always scheming to get rich. The other characters are equally adorable and funny, Rodney who is making preparations to get married with Cassandra and granddad contemplating about his life.

Only Fools And Horses cast includes Tom Bennett as Del Boy Trotter, Ray Hutton as Rodney, Andy Mace as granddad, Dianne Pilkington as Raquel, Pippa Duffy as Cassandra, Jeff Nicholson as Boycie, Samantha Seager as Marlene and Peter Baker as Trigger. Only Fools And Horses is directed and choreographed by Caroline Jay Ranger.

Musical contributions from pop-rock duo Chas n Dave with additional music by Jim Sullivan and Chas Hodges.

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Only Fools And Horses

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