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Tickets currently available from 11th August 2022 to 20th August 2022

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The Veritas Theatre Company and Kepow return to London’s Park Theatre with this new production following the successes of their previous shows in 2018 and 2019 Spiral, Beneath the Blue Rinse and The Answer.

We find ourselves in a desolate playground in Glasgow in 2006. We meet troubled teenagers Kayleigh Grey and Zoe Douglas. The two teens play dare, flirt and dream of running away and living together on the tiny Isle of Muck.

Miss Hastie is a teacher and although she has been cautioned to steer clear, she finds herself unexplainably drawn into the two girl’s magnetic field of chaos. When Kayleigh’s mother, Hazel, try to keep Miss Hastie under her manipulative control the result is far different and much worse than anyone would ever have imagined.

With a small cast of 6, this compelling new contemporary play examines a person’s need for love and the powerful forces that lurk behind random acts of violence. How much control, if any, do we truly have over who we are and what we will become? Is our future defined by our past? Is it possible to leave past mistakes behind us, to truly forget the people we once were and start over again? Are we damned to be haunted, hounded and hunted by our pasts forever?

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Park Theatre,
Clifton Terrace,
Finsbury Park,
N4 3JP

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