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For You I’d Wait

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You I’d Wait, which is running at The Union Theatre in June.

‘On the 13th November we pay homage to the victims. That’s the only time you think of us. For you, life goes on. But for us, it doesn’t.’

Set to a contemporary rock score, For You I’d Wait follows the lives of 6 characters before, during and after the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. Throughout the show we explore how the character’s lives are turned upside in one night, the process of healing, and learning to carry on. The audience are invited to explore the world of these character’s seemingly perfect relationships, and delve further into the choices they make as they encounter milestones in their lives.

Lily Amy Leek

Nic Michael Karl-Lewis

Dani Gemma Pearce

Renee Billie Kerr

Christophe Jerome Lincoln

Eloise Charlotte Hannan

Swing/Alternate Lily Olivia Walker-Toward

Book, music and lyrics Sophie Golby and Tom West

Director Elsa Strachan and Samantha Pears

Musical Director Jenna Dyckhoff

Lighting designer Olivia Bailey

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For You I’d Wait

Theatre Address

Union Theatre,
Old Union Arches,
229 Union Street,

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