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9 Circles

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The European premiere of this taut psychological thriller.

This tense thriller attempts to pull justice out of the collision between morality and empathy. A hellish journey into the quandries, contradictions and hypocrisies of war dantesque descent into the conundrums, contradictions and hypocrisies of war as seen through the eyes of a repatriated US Army Private who is now alleged to be a war criminal.

How can we expect to train a soldier to be a cold-blooded killing machine and still hold on to the vestiges of their humanity. What happens when the ties holding that delicate balance break in the midst of war? How can we look back from safety and judge those who have killed for our freedoms? Do our traditional civilian moral codes apply, can we use the same standards for a soldier engaged in mortal combat?

9 Circles stars David Calvitto, Joshua Collins and Samara Neely-Cohen.

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9 Circles

Theatre Address

Park Theatre,
Clifton Terrace,
Finsbury Park,
N4 3JP

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