Events in and around Euston

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


Special Events in over the next 14 days

Thu 22nd FebThe Future of Work B
This panel session debatea what Beveridge 2.0 would involve for work and how work could change in the future, to provoke a broader discussion on what is happening with work today.
Thu 22nd FebFutureshocks: systems B
Part of a series of talks exploring technology and our urban futures in partnership with DLA Piper and the Guardian.
Thu 22nd FebThe Future of Ageing B
This panel discusses how ageing could come to dominate the giant issue of health and social care, and potentially all areas of the welfare state.
Thu 22nd FebBlueprint for Welfare? The Beveridge Report and the Making of the Welfare State B
The lecture will review the content and context of the Beveridge Report and explain why it is of enduring importance.
Thu 22nd FebPrecarious States: political economies of care B
Where is welfare now coming from? What can anthropological research bring to debates about a new social contract for the 21st century?
Thu 22nd FebLunch Hour Lecture - Understanding sleep and sleeplessness: can science and cultural history be used together? B
So, is it possible to combine science with literary and cultural history to understand sleep better?
Thu 22nd FebThe Turntable Revolution B
Colleen Murphy tracks the groovy story of evolution of the record player, from Edison’s phonograph and Berliner’s Gramophone through to the portable Dansette and the weird and wonderful world audiophile high-end turntables.
Fri 23rd Feb Tea Time at China Exchange: A market celebrating all things tea F
Join us at tea market to celebrate all things tea, from tea pots and tea leaves, to books and decorative items, so join us and find your favourite cuppa. (Cost: 0)
Fri 23rd FebUK’s Military Tracked Vehicles, Past, Present and Future F B
Hear Dr Marcus Potter from BAE Systems explain how tracked military vehicles have evolved to meet current needs.
Fri 23rd FebRiverBlue: can fashion save the planet? B
The film explores the links between consumption of fast fashion in the West and its production in developing countries, with knock on effects on water pollution.
Fri 23rd FebCrossrail and the Charterhouse tour B
Designed for those who want to find out more about the medieval history of the site and recent Crossrail excavations.
Sat 24th Feb Tea Time at China Exchange: A market celebrating all things tea F
Join us at tea market to celebrate all things tea, from tea pots and tea leaves, to books and decorative items, so join us and find your favourite cuppa. (Cost: 0)
Sat 24th Feb Battle of Tea Time B
Join us for a light-hearted, but none-the-less competitive, debate between Team GB and Team China to determine which nation is the king of tea time.
Sun 25th Feb Tea Time at China Exchange: A market celebrating all things tea F
Join us at tea market to celebrate all things tea, from tea pots and tea leaves, to books and decorative items, so join us and find your favourite cuppa. (Cost: 0)
Mon 26th FebToni Schiff Memorial Lecture: Moving Holocaust Stories F B
Toni Schiff, like many Jews before, during, and after the Second World War, was constantly on the move
Mon 26th FebThe 19th Century Craze for Stereoscopic Photography B
A talk about how Stereoscopic photography rapidly became a worldwide craze after the Great Exhibition of 1851.
Tue 27th FebThe Over-Analysers' Book Club presents: The Lord of the Rings B
Six performers from the worlds of reading, writing, publishing, academia and comedy will over-analyse the same classic book, each taking a different entertaining angle.
Tue 27th FebThe Vision of Empowerment: popular feminism and popular misogyny B
In this talk, Sarah Banet-Weiser will discuss the ways in which contemporary popular feminism re-imagines and re-directs what "empowerment" means for girls and women
Tue 27th FebEverything you know about genetics is wrong B
From strange patterns of inheritance to real life genetic superheroes living amongst us, whose DNA provides them with resilience against serious illnesses, science writer and broadcaster Dr Kat Arney explains what we do and don't know about how our genes work.
Tue 27th Feb21st-Century Magic B
How do modern day witches, druids and pagans find their place in the modern world, adapt (or not) their beliefs and maintain their networks in a world very different from the one in which their belief systems were founded?
Tue 27th FebDon't Write, Make a Record B
The remarkable story of the automatic record booth. Introduced in the 1930s, they allowed anyone at the end of a pier, at a railway station or in a department store to step up to the mic and record.
Wed 28th FebCrime and Global Justice B
Daniele Archibugi and Alice Pease offer an analysis of the successes and shortcomings of the global justice system from 1945 to the present day.
Wed 28th FebBook Launch: The Participants: The Men of the Wannsee Conference F B
Despite lasting less than two hours, the Wannsee Conference is today understood as a signal episode in the history of the Holocaust, exemplifying the labour division and bureaucratization that made th
Wed 28th FebBoring Talks B
The evening features a selection of expert speakers talking passionately (but not too passionately) about subjects sitting on the intersection between the ubiquitous and the obscure.
Wed 28th FebOn the Buses and Going Underground B
What's it actually like to be a bus driver? Why do London bus numbers make no sense? Was the tube always this bad?
Thu 1st MarRoyal College of Physicians: Museum Lates F
Discover truly remarkable – but surprisingly little known – collections, featuring everything from artworks to scarce anatomical preparations and ext (Cost: 0)
Thu 1st MarBrexit: what next? B
Hilary Benn will speak about the Brexit negotiations and the future of the UK-EU relations.
Thu 1st MarStorstrm - the world's most humane prison B
An evening talk with project architects C.F. Møller, Marianne Levinsen Landskab and the director of the Prison Reform Trust on the most talked about architectural projects of 2017 – Storstrøm Prison.
Thu 1st MarLunch Hour Lecture - The birds and the bees: animal sex in medieval art B
Professor Mills will highlight some of the surprisingly varied responses to this theme during the Middle Ages.
Sun 4th MarThinking on Sunday: Electromagnetism – May the Force be with You B
Dr Peter Ford MBE asks: Is there any other form of intelligent life out there?


Recurring Events in over the next 14 days

Sat 24th FebHistorical Highlights of Somerset House F
A guided tour around the historic Somerset House including the vaults under the main forecourt. (Cost: Free)
Tue 27th FebSomerset House: The Old Palaces Tour F
A tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: Free)
Tue 27th FebThe Old Palace Tour F
A free guided tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: 0)
Wed 28th FebNew London Neighbourhood Tour - Covent Garden B
A new walk for 2017, join NLA as we explore one of London’s most exciting and densely populated residential, retail and office neighbourhoods, anchored around one of London’s most visited sites, C
Sat 3rd MarHistorical Highlights of Somerset House F
A guided tour around the historic Somerset House including the vaults under the main forecourt. (Cost: Free)
Sat 3rd Mar All that Jazz! - Walking Tour B
This walk explores nearly 100 years of jazz history in the West End, from the arrival of the first Americans in 1919 and the development of Jazz in Britain during the interwar years, stopping at many
Sat 3rd MarFree Saturday Library Tours F B
Join us for a free tour of our Library and Archives, especially if you're researching your family history.
Sun 4th MarCovent Garden Photography Walk B
Brush up your photography with a Covent Garden photography walk.
Sun 4th MarThe River Fleet (from Blackfriars To St Pancras) Guided Walking Tour With Author Paul Talling B
'Paul Talling is a connoisseur of these lost waterways' - BBC The One Show A detailed 3 1/2 hour guided walking tour of the lower part of the River Fleet's course, London's most well known lost riv
Tue 6th MarSomerset House: The Old Palaces Tour F
A tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: Free)
Tue 6th MarThe Old Palace Tour F
A free guided tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: 0)


Routine Events in over the next 14 days

Thu 22nd FebMarine planning South East: Plan development workshop London B
Iteration 2 The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is holding two marine plan development workshops in the south east, you have selected: London: Thursday 22 February, The Wesley Euston Hotel, 9
Thu 22nd FebMaking Games with C# - The Ultimate Introduction B
Join us for an interactive session where you'll learn the basics of programming games in C#!
Thu 22nd FebPromoting democracy: past and present lessons for Iran, Egypt and beyond B
How can the past - even the ancient past - help democracy advocates understand the societies they are working in? Mariam Memarsadeghi, Iranian-American human rights and democracy advocate and co-foun
Thu 22nd FebAn Audience with Dr Nathan Myhrvold: How Invention Can Spur Development? B
Former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer, and polymath, Dr Nathan Myhrvold is in London, for a unique and exclusive audience
Thu 22nd FebLight & Cognition B
Join us on the 22nd of February for an event collaboration between SageGlass and The Centric Lab
Thu 22nd FebInaugural Meeting of the London Metabolism Club B
The London Metabolism Club (LMC) provides a platform for promoting basic and applied research on cellular metabolism in health and disease with specific objectives to: - establish a forum for discuss
Thu 22nd FebHACK::SOHO – February Edition B
“SCADA and Mobile Security in the Internet of Things Era” was recently released
Thu 22nd FebThe YTL Centre for Politics, Philosophy & Law presents a symposium with Sir Noel Malcolm B
The Yeoh Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy and Law presents a symposium with Sir Noel Malcolm on his latest book, 'Human Rights and Political Wrongs'
Thu 22nd FebWestminster Watch: In Conversation with Denis MacShane B
Spring Workshop Week 2017/18Department of Politics, Birkbeck CollegeJoin Dr Dermot Hodson and Dr Ben Worthy for a live recording of their podcast, Westminster Watch, with special guest Denis MacShane
Thu 22nd FebIs There a Right to Self-determination in the International Context? B
The Catalan independence movement is based on the following assumption: There is a universal right to self-determination that can be invoked when a majority of the population claims it
Thu 22nd FebGordon Childe Advanced Seminar B
This event will be based around a 'response' to the Gordon Childe Lecture (given by Professor Kristian Kristiansen the evening before) entitled 'Towards a new European Prehistory - genetics, archaeolo
Thu 22nd FebAll's Well That Ends Well - an end of posting celebration supporting Shakespeare Schools Foundation B
All's Well That Ends Well - William Shakespeare 1605 As our postings, and my team’s fundraising for Shakespeare Schools Foundation, draws to a close, what better way to say goodbye than with a cel
Thu 22nd FebInstitute of Archaeology Gordon Childe Seminar 2018
Kristian Kristiansen, Professor of Archaeology, University of Gothenburg Stephen Shennan (Chair), Professor of Theoretical Archaeology, UCL Institute of Archaeology Andrew Gardner (Participant), (Cost: 0)
Thu 22nd FebLearn how to use the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick and open source frameworks to deploy deep neural networks at the edge. B
Market research estimates there will be as many as 20 billion connected devices in the market by 2020*
Thu 22nd FebIf Not Us, Then Who? B
If Not Us, Then Who? Thursday 22nd February 2018 6
Thu 22nd FebOlga Stezhko (piano) B
Acclaimed by Classical Source in a Wigmore Hall review as "a supremely delicate master of her instrument” who possesses "an extraordinary presence”, Olga Stezhko has performed at premier
Thu 22nd FebThe Doctor's Dilemma B
LSE Language Centre, in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and Scientific Method and the LSE Students' Union Drama Society, present an evening of analysis and discussion of health service
Thu 22nd FebUniversal Health Coverage in the Global South: what is needed to make it work? B
Although Universal health coverage is a pillar of the modern welfare state, the successful design and implementation of arrangements to deliver on this promise faces enormous challenges
Thu 22nd FebAR/VR for Rhino User Group Meeting B
This is the second meeting of our AR/VR for Rhino User Group
Thu 22nd FebThe global economic crisis of 2008 and its impact on ideas and economic policy B
Speaker:  Michalis Psalidopoulos, Alternate Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, DC
Thu 22nd FebUCL CLP: Law’s Lost Empire? Freedom of Speech and the Media in the world of the Internet B
Current Legal Problems Lecture Series 2017-18 Speaker: Prof
Thu 22nd FebCultures of Cultural Diplomacy: Engaging with the Concepts B
YOUNG SCHOLAR SEMINAR SERIES -8- "Cultures of Cultural Diplomacy: Engaging with the Concepts" By Firdevs Bulut (University College London) Date: Thursday 22 February 2018 Time: 7 pm
Thu 22nd FebPalestinian Right of Return Or Israeli birthright? B
Palestinian Right of Return Or Israeli birthright? The panel discussion will look at the legitimacy of both the Palestinian Right of Return and the proclaimed 'Israeli birthright'
Thu 22nd FebLGBT History Month Reception: Nursing in the Great War B
While we are all familiar with tales of nursing in World War One, we hear much less about those women who served alongside their female lovers
Thu 22nd FebThe Century Girls - Public Launch
February 2018 marks the 100 year anniversary of both the Representation of the People Act, and of women being given the right to vote (Cost: )
Thu 22nd Feb16th Ruth Steinkraus-Cohen International Law Lecture: Professor Dapo Akande B
We are delighted to welcome Professor Dapo Akande to deliver our 16th annual Ruth Steinkraus-Cohen International Law Lecture, held in association with the Centre for International Studies and Diplomac
Thu 22nd FebData Driven Innovation for Healthy Cities B
The internet and the rise of IoT mean that we are producing more data within our cities than ever before
Fri 23rd FebPostgraduate Dissertation Workshop B
Spring Workshoip Week 2017/18Department of Politics This event is for students taking a dissertation module in 2017/18 as part of a postgraduate programme
Fri 23rd FebA Beveridge Plan for an Unruly School? William Beveridge and LSE B
There have been many famous Directors of LSE, from Halford Mackinder to Ralph Dahrendorf
Fri 23rd FebLessons from Grenfell Tower: inequality and housing need, the Giant that still divides us B
The crucially important role of social housing has been recognised following the Grenfell Tower disaster, which also laid bare the disconnect between the ‘elites’ and the most disadvantaged in soc


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